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my story: polyps and the nuva ring and urethra pain. please help!

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  • my story: polyps and the nuva ring and urethra pain. please help!

    Hello everyone,

    Hoping to get some tips and tricks...

    In January, I got a UTI that was successfully treated with antibiotics.

    In Feb, I got another - or so I thought... didn't actually have infection, but they gave me antibitoics anyways and it went away.

    March, yet another... urine culture didn't show infection. 5 courses of antibiotics later, my poor stomach was shot and it still hurt when I peed.

    That's my main symptom - I think that if any I have mild frequency and urgency. I probably pee about 10x a day, but drink about 5L of water a day. That part doesn't stress me out.

    It burns at the end of when I pee, almost every time. The pain isn't too severe, but it's there and it stresses me out. Today is a bad day. It hurts to sit down.

    I was getting a lot better for a while... it only burned maybe 25% of the time. Then I tried Azo. I live in Canada so I had to get it in the US. It seems to have made it worse, went to mild burning every time. So I'm not taking that any more.

    I stayed up late on Friday reading every page on urethra pain, and tried Almond Milk this weekend. Been drinking it all weekend. Seems to have made it worse? Now it burns before I pee? I don't know Not sure if I should keep trying.

    Chocolate seems to be my main trigger food, which is so cruel. I love it so much!

    Another peice to the puzzle is that I began using the Nuva Ring at about the time this all started. After about 5 wks of antibiotics, the dr did an exam and said my cervix was swollen and to take the Nuva Ring out. SO I did, and have done lots of antiinflamatories since, with no positive effect.

    I waited forever to get in to a Uro, who did a cystocophy. Apparently I have a polyp in my bladder, which he will remove in a month. He's a jerk - I hate him! Says that this is something I'll deal with forever, oh well, its not so bad. Um, yes it is. I pressured him and he said he doesn't really believe that there's such a thing as IC but prescribed Elmiron anyway. He said my hair is going to fall out if I take it. I started it 3 days ago, and it's really upsetting my stomach.

    Uro says polyp is not why I have pain. BUT some of the reading on the internet I've done says that pain when you pee can be a symptom of bladder polyps. Any thought son this???

    I've also seen a naturopath who recommended querticin and marshmallow. I'm embarassed to say that I didn't follow through on that. Seeing her on Thurs to pick that stuff up and get going on it.

    Im not in pain when I have sex, but I feel it after for at least a day.

    The other thing I do is a heating pad and castor oil.

    I would really really appreciate ANY feedback.

    Any experience with polyps?

    Did your hair fall out on elmiron?

    Did anyone else have a negative experience with Azo or Almond Milk?

    Any Ontarians out there? How did you find another urologist?

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    really hoping for some feedback! I had a good cry in my family dr's office yesteryda but she referred me to a new Uro so I am hoping he'll be more helpful.


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      I do not have polyps but my initial pain with IC was in the Urethra.
      I take Elmiron and have not lost any hair.
      It has helped me tremendously.
      I have a problem with AZO and Pyridium and so I use UTA which makes my urine blue instead of orange like AZO.
      For the burning urine you could try 1 teaspoon of baking soda in 8 ounces of water. That always helps me.If you have high blood pressure don't do this too often because it is high in sodium. It tastes bad too. But sure helps with the burning.
      Lucky me,I have low blood pressure and at my worst with IC I was using baking soda and water 3 times a day.


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        My story is very similar. The first Uro I went to was the biggest jerk on the planet. I was lucky to find another who was much more compassionate and willing to listen and help. It is impairative that you find someone you click with.
        As for the Elmiron, I have not had any hair loss. The first month or two were rough on the tummy, but dumping the capsules in water helped alleviate that issue. After 5+ months, it appears to be working. (now if i could only get my RX filled)
        I tried Almond Milk and it neither helped or hindered my IC. As one of the lucky ones, I am able to eat most foods without too much trouble. I stay away from the gross offenders like coffee, citrus, choc, etc. It is trial and error when it comes to food.
        One last thing....when I was first diagnosed, I was sure my life as I knew it, was over. It was a dark time...BUT now....My life is just about back to where it was prior to the onset of IC. Hang in there as it does get better.


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          thanks for replying ladies

          Nott - how did you react to Azo? It made me in just a little bit of pain, all the time.

          I've decided to committ fully to the IC diet and I'm feeling way better then I did on the weekend, when it hurt to sit down (felt like my urethra was getting squished) and I had urgency all the time. Now it's back to how it was pre- Thursday which is just burning when I pee and fine the rest of the time. SIGH. I'm hoping that it got better b/c of the diet and had gotten worse b/c of something I ate (?) so I'm really hoping that I'm going to keep getitng better!

          I've done the baking soda thing and while it greatly reduces the burning, it feels like I have to pee constantly after.