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Potassium sensitivity test negative

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  • Mothergoose
    Don't right off the instils because of the cath, I used to be really bothered by the cath and could not pee for days afterwards.

    I read on this site ask for the smallest cath possible to be use and this has helpped me greatly, now I have no post cath pain.

    I still had pain with insertion of cath, so I talked to my Dr. about this and asked if I coud have some freezing with a uro jet, before hand. He said their protocol is to use it for men not women, I said women with IC have much more sensative bits, he has told me to tell the nurse next time that he has okayed for them to use a urojet prior to cathing.

    So I am hoping this will help with this problem.

    Also it could be the type of cath being used, you may need a different kind. Someone else could give you more info about caths than me.


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  • nottoc4
    I had the potasssium sensitivity test done as part of the diagnosis and even though I had been in pain,it burned and I could tell the difference between it and the plain water.

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  • MommwithIC
    started a topic Potassium sensitivity test negative

    Potassium sensitivity test negative

    Sorry I am new to the forums and can not figure out where to post this question....

    Thank you Donna. I had a brain fog and posted it originally under the wrong name....

    I was diagnosed about 17 months ago with IC but have been in denial. I hyave posted 2 other threads in this support page so I am sorry If this is the wrong spot for this ?....

    I am working on healing myself and will soon be going to yet my 5th urologist to have a final cystoscopy done. I had one done at my first diagnosis but the last dr just did a potassium resistance test but did not go in and look.....

    So has anyone had a potassium resistance test done and it be negative. The test hurt but I told the dr that I am in a 24/7 flare with constant, nagging, horrendous pain - i have horrible bladder pain/burning like a constant horrid uti, then i have urethal pain, and what i believe are bladder and uretha spasms....the placebo hurt my uretha even though i think they might have numbed part of it - so it hurt going in then i had a bad burning above my pubic bone where I usually dont hurt....

    anyway. she said it was a negative test and was going to treat me with bladder instillations and pelvic floor therapy but i cant do it. i cant take the healing from 8 weeks of a catheter being put in me plus the time i have to take to get out of work...

    so i am trying on my own with diet and aloe vera.

    has anyone else have a diagnosis of IC with a potassium resistance test?