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  • So irritated with family

    I know that most people don't understand this disease...really I do. My mother is horrible. My sisters are completely inept, but my husband has tried to comprehend what I am going least I thought so. I have been up north with my mother and sisters for 3 weeks (hell on earth I know). It has been really hard on me being here because we are getting ready to tear down my grandparents home. Staying on the IC diet has been really taxing. Everyone here has made it a struggle (why can't you eat that? well, we want pizza?!!! etc) I have had to sleep in the living room with people staying up late and getting up early, not to mention getting up all night to pee. I am EXHAUSTED! My father gave me one of his ambien and THANK YOU GOD I slept!!! I called my doctor and after 3 calls I talked him into giving me a script. He wouldn't call it out of state, so I had to wait until my husband came back up today. Due to lack of sleep, poor diet and stress, my symptoms and pain level are out of control, but I have been coping. Picked up hubby today for a week here before we drive the 18 hours home and HE FORGOT THE AMBIEN!!! He said sorry, but can't figure out why I am upset...I am sure he is expecting a little I missed you sumthin sumthin...I am screaming inside my brain. I feel like I will never sleep again. Sorry for the venting. I just feel like no one else really understands. I am currently reading Catherine ******'s book and I have to say when she says that no one understands...that there is a great "lack of concern, compassion and understanding from others" I felt...Thank God I am not crazy! People really just don't get it.

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    One thing you might do is to ask your father if he will contact his physician and tell him what happened with your prescription --- he can call your doctor to verify --- and you may be able to get a prescription to last until you go home. We did this with one of our adult children visiting from California and forgot a prescription.

    Good luck!
    Stay safe

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      I just wanted to say I am sorry for you. Sleep deprivation on top everything else is really hard. We moved last year but didn't bring anything with us just a few cloths so we spent 6 weeks like maniacs buying everything we needed for our house, I was a wreck and it was most from lack of sleep.

      Hugs this shall pass too and maybe next time you will just have to say no I can't come to help. I have had to do this at first it went over like a you know what, what they are all finally getting it.

      My mom my best Friend took forever to get it but now she does, my daughter is too wrapped up in her own life, she knows but just doesn't get it, my youngest was sick for years and he gets it and gets after others for bugging at me, nice to have someone in your corner, my husband is coming around, this is because mow our Dr. any time he gets tells him this is all really for me and I know my body best.

      I randomly send out articles explaining it to my family members and when we get together which is not often, I just tell them random bits as to what is happening now treatments etc, and how I am doing and what my uros figure, They figure I am headed for bladder removal, so they are starting to realize i actually have a problem.

      Good luck MG
      My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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        Thanks all. I was up watching the sunrise this morning. Seems this may be how it goes until we go home. The pain is BAD and the spasms are ridiculous. I was finally able to fall asleep around 5:30 from exhaustion. Was up again at 10:30. I will call my pharmacy tomorrow, but when I "lost" a script before I had to pay for it because insurance wouldn't cover it so close together and LORD knows I can't afford uro never returns my calls so calling him isn't really an issue. As soon as I get home I am changing docs. Just praying to get home fast now. I was really looking forward to this couple of days with my husband back and my mother and sister gone (yes, they left yesterday)