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vlaerian for sleep and anxiety ?? causing pain

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  • vlaerian for sleep and anxiety ?? causing pain

    Hi, Has anyone taken the natural supplament valerian? If so, has anyone had problems with it? I'm taking it to help me sleep and to reduce anxiety-which seems to make my bladder worse. But since taking it my bladder has been quite sore. I'm never clear what causes my bladder pain but could it be the valarian?

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    I did try valerian and it was a scary experience. I was VERY hard to wake up and very groggy for a whole day. I put the rest of the bottle in the garbage.

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      Hi there

      I work at ahealth food store and bought some valerian for sleep/anxiety.
      It seems to be sort of a toss up. i dont find any significant improvement in my sleep or anxiety. I also wake up with pressure and some burning. It would be interesting to find some research about valerians effect on the bladder.
      28 years old
      UTI's for 10 years
      very bad urgency and frequency started Aug '10 Severe pressure, pain and burning in bladder, lower back, and thighs since May '11.
      endometriosis removed (Sept 15th)
      chronic pelvic pain since then
      I currently take: elavil 25mg mg at night
      clonazepam .25 mg daily for anxiety and nerve calming
      baking soda occasionally
      Marshmallow root tea/capsules occasionally
      other: heating pad/ice packs daily
      deep breathing
      pelvic phsyio since jan '12

      testing :cystoscopy ( urlogist said I have a small bladder but nothing abnormal)
      many..MANY urine tests that all determine I do not have an infection.

      ultrasounds for pre and post void (nothing abnormal)

      things I would like to try :MSM, silver, medicinal mushrooms