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cystoscopy yesterday frusturated

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  • cystoscopy yesterday frusturated

    So I made it to my cystoscopy yesterday and went through with it with only a "local". It was hell and he said my bladder would only hold 1/2 of what a "normal" bladder would but he didnt see anything unusual. He said Ic was a diagnosed by excluding other things..and is putting a referal in to both the citys IC "specialist" and gynecology..thinking maybe its endometriosis bc i flare up pre-period..

    So i waited 7 months to be told that, the IC dr will be another 9-12 months and gyn. referal about 6-9 months...

    Im so frusturated. Im in agony..He gave me meds to control the frequency/urgency but i its annoying but its the pain that bothers me..

    Ironic thing im moving in 6 months or who knows when ill actually get help..and of course im sore from yesterday and got my period today and i feel absolutely awful..

    Sorry juts needed to vent..

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    6 months seems like a terribly long time to wait for an appointment --- isn't there any way you can be seen sooner?

    Stay safe

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      its canada...referals go in and you wait..the first referal to urology got put in last dec..i saw urology july20..cystoscopy i wait again..


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        Oh no. I am so sorry to hear about your long wait! Not fair to do that to someone who is suffering.

        Can your primary dr. help you at all - with some pain medications and anti-depressants (they help control pain)? Otherwise are you following the IC diet? Hot baths and the heating pad do wonders for me. I also took continuous birth control because I would always flare before and after my period - it was horrible. I now had a hysterectomy, so one less problem for me to worry about.

        Hang in there, know you are not alone and we are here to help.
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