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  • Questions and venting

    I am not new but wasn't sure where to post some questions. If someone can let me know if this is right posting place I'd appreciate it.

    First, I'm wondering what kind of vitamin supplements might be allowed. I seem to be very sensitive to magnesium and multi-vitamins. I've tried eliminating and adding back in and it's impossible. The problem is that I really need to take vitamins and it will take me quite some time to get used to the IC diet. I recently tried calcium supplements and those bother my stomach. Yogurt is a major bladder irritant. So I have no idea how to get calcium either.

    For some reason, and I don't know if the two are related, I'm having some stomach problems, such as bloating, pain (allover pain) and gas, that come and go. Strangely my bladder symptoms seem to coincide with the stomach pain (though not always).

    I feel a little frustrated because my doctor's office does little to support me in this area. This website is the only place I feel some support. I'm considering getting a new doctor but am afraid they will not know how to help me solve these diet and stomach issues.

    I did order a book from this site written by a nurse and so far find it to be helpful. However, the diet is completely overwhelming to me and it's so hard to weed out the irritants. In the past, there were days I could drink two cups of coffee and be ok. But if I drink gatorade, have soda, or yogurt, I'm dying for days! Go figure.

    Thanks for the suggestions and support.

    Diagnosed: 2011 - have had symptoms for over 20 years. Diagnoses so far: Overactive Bladder, then IC, and now Myofacial Pelvic Pain Syndrome.

    Medicines: For IC am doing PT, and will be taking Gabapentin, Ativan, Tramadol and Ambien. Ice packs and drinking vanilla shakes help. Foods that cause a flare, tomatoes, yogurt, coffee, soda, all sports drinks, and most teas. Take Verapamil, Naproxen (as needed), Omeprazole, Frova (as needed) and receive Botox shots(every three months) for migraines. For allergies I use Claritin and Flonase. (Feel free to ask me any questions about meds.)

    Other conditions: Migraines, allergies, mild IBS.

    "If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer." (Matthew 21:22)

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    questions and venting

    Hi Toto,

    Sorry you're having a frustrating time.

    I can't answer your question about vitamin supplements because I don't take them(they always upset my stomach).

    For calcium I use Lactaid milk in my cereal, eat bladder-friendly cheeses like provolone, mozzarella,(sorry about the spelling), cottage cheese and brick style cream cheese(preservative and ascorbic acid, free). I also use Prelief to help reduce the acids in food, and I believe that has calcium in it too, as do Tums.

    I know the IC diet is hard, but stick with it and try some of the recipes here. You can really do a lot with the food we can eat, and, as you get better, you may find you can add some foods you can't eat now, back in. If you're having a hard time find your trigger foods, it could be helpful to start a food diary where you write down what you ate and when, and how you felt after you ate it. I started by only eating the foods from the "safe" column in the diet, and then one by one, tried other things and took note of which foods triggered a flare. It takes some time, but is worth it.

    I hope you can find some things that work well for you.



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      Some years ago my doctor suggested Tums for calcium --- and they sometimes help with the IC when I'm flaring.

      Stay safe

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        The IC diet has always been hard for me too. I'm not new either and have been doing fine for awhile, but recently seem to be in a flare or the beginning of one and not sure why. The first thing I always think is something I've eaten. Now I have to go back to eliminating much of what I eat and pretty much starting over again. I've also been taking Elmiron (originally 2 capsules 2 times per day, but due to the shortage, I started only taking 2 a day). Do you think this could be the cause of my new "flare"?


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          just an interesting note about the Tums comment.

          I work at a health food store so I am well informed on supplements and their actions.
          I was told that it is useless to add calcium to tums because what tums does is lower the hcl in your stomach, and therefore the calcium cannot be absorbed very well because it needs the acid in your stomach to break it down and be usable.

          28 years old
          UTI's for 10 years
          very bad urgency and frequency started Aug '10 Severe pressure, pain and burning in bladder, lower back, and thighs since May '11.
          endometriosis removed (Sept 15th)
          chronic pelvic pain since then
          I currently take: elavil 25mg mg at night
          clonazepam .25 mg daily for anxiety and nerve calming
          baking soda occasionally
          Marshmallow root tea/capsules occasionally
          other: heating pad/ice packs daily
          deep breathing
          pelvic phsyio since jan '12

          testing :cystoscopy ( urlogist said I have a small bladder but nothing abnormal)
          many..MANY urine tests that all determine I do not have an infection.

          ultrasounds for pre and post void (nothing abnormal)

          things I would like to try :MSM, silver, medicinal mushrooms