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A question about sleep

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  • kadi
    I don't wear a diaper, but I do use the moderate Poise pads. They're good when I get spasms after doing a home bladder instillation and they ease my mind when I'm working as a teacher and can't immediately leave the room to use the restroom. I just wear them all the time. The only thing I don't like is the space they take under my clothes, but I can't wear snug clothes because of the pressure anyhow, so that's not much of a problem.

    I'm glad you found something that gives you relief. Sleep is so important that I'm happy you found a treatment and a strategy that has given good sleep back to you. I'm sure your suggestion will help others and thank you for bringing it up

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  • Rope_Wrench
    started a topic A question about sleep

    A question about sleep

    Ever since my hydro back in mid-June and I was put on the IC path I knew there would be big changes in my future. I have had to really change what I eat, really started paying attention to making bathroom brakes during family trips and outings and learning everything I can about this conditon and then try to educate those around me so they have a clue of why I have to leave every hour or so.
    One of the changes I have made was to begin wearing a adult diaper to bed. I had talked to my wife and she said her biggest concern for her was the lack of sleep I was getting. There is a ton of health problems dealing with lack sleep and wearing a diaper seemed like a way to help with the sleep issue.
    I have searched the forums here looking for others that use diapers as a tool to manage there IC but most of what I have found are where members voiced why they don't and what they don't like about it.
    Now it took a little getting use to but I would have to say that using a diaper has made a world of differance for me. Those and being on Atarax has got me sleeping better then I have in years. I didn't realize how much sleep I was losing.
    So my question is are there others out there that use a diaper one way or another to manage there IC? The forums have helped me not feel like I was alone in so many ways and was hoping there were others out there that could help with this too.