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Confused about acidic foods & my stomach

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  • ICNDonna
    I wish I could answer your question of "why?" but I honestly don't know why things like cranberries and oranges cause IC pain --- I only know that they DO. That's enough for me to avoid known irritants.

    The IC diet was developed with input from medical professionals, nutritionists, and literally thousands of people who have interstitial cystitis.


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  • imwood
    started a topic Confused about acidic foods & my stomach

    Confused about acidic foods & my stomach

    I'm confused how acidic foods can still bother our bladders if the job of our saliva, stomach, etc is to neutralize our food before it gets down there. I gave away my organic dried cranberries at work this morning (oh, how I will miss them!) and my boss raised the question of how could cranberries still be acidic enough to cause a problem by the time they've been broken down to the point of reaching my bladder?

    Can someone explain a little more to me?