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  • adhd and IC

    Not sure if anyone can help me with this. I have had adhd since high school (am now 39). Have been on adderall then switched to wellbutrin sr for last 5yrs and over last year could feel it loosing it's effect. Well simutanously I got diagnosed with Ic then month later was switched back to adderall. Started it on a sat and by that afternoon got a flare. My husband doing research found out adderall can not be taken by people with IC. I immediately called my Doctor who put me on Dexedrine which apparently doesn't hurt IC patients as well as it in some cases has proven to help our symptoms. I have been on it a week and am not happy with the side effects which I never experienced on Adderall. I am wondering if there are any of you who are battling IC who have ADHD and ran into similar problem. And is it true Adderall is a bladder irratant??

    Thank YOU

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    Re: adhd and IC

    I realize I am years late to this question, but I too have ADHD & IC! It is a crazy lifestyle to have both of these, let me tell ya! What has worked for me is Concerta (TRADE NAME ONLY)- the generic of this drug put me in a flare and gave me palpitations. Concerta, trade name, has a patented continuous-release and the generic must have been bad for me secondary to malabsorption/or a poor absorption rate with whatever the generic's continuous release mechanism was.
    I also take short-acting ritalin early in the afternoon (Since I found out bumping up the Concerta dose from 36 to 54mg flared me as well).

    I realize everyone is individualized when it comes to what meds will flare them, though you are not the first who I've heard to flare from Adderall.

    Overall, methylphenidate is generally better tolerated than adderall when it comes down to side effect profiles alone. I personally would not recommend Strattera, as that newer-class drug for adult ADHD has a WELL-KNOWN adverse effect of urinary retention/obstructive uropathy/urinary symptoms- making it contraindicated for IC patients.

    Further complicating the matter is also what other medications you take for IC alongside ADHD meds. I hope you find the right balance, I totally understand how hard it is to manage with both of these disorders!!