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Frustration, Pain, Sadness

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  • Claire_A
    Thanks everyone

    Briza - as far as I am aware pyridium is not available here.

    Could you please tell me the drug names for Azo and Uristat? Perhaps I can tell my pharmacist the drug names and she can tell me if we have them, they are not known by those brand names here. How the hell did you get remission of both of these awful conditions?! You are so lucky! You must have worked bloody hard, good on you!

    I have tried lidocane gel it burns my skin and doesn't numb the pain. I have treid various different compounds of this too. Heat works, Ice burns!!

    I asked for Tynol or even the drug name at the pharmacy last night but they do not sell it in Australia. I asked for co-codamol and they don't sell that either. Bloody Australia (they sell all this in England where I am from originally) Ended up with oxycodone. Pelvic/Bladder pain has eased and the drug has made me just not care about the pain. As usual has done nothing for vulva pain. It seems untouchable.

    Pammylynn - I do meditation I have a tape for pelvic relaxation given to me by my naturapath/womans health physio but we have recently moved house and it is in a box somewhere. I will have to dig it out.

    passion4life - I have considered a therapist but then again that is just more money. I have spent thousands already. I feel like if someone could stop the pain I wouldn't have to be sad and need to talk about things although, talking about this all would really help. I have used up all my sick days on appointments etc, thank god it's the weekend. Hubby is taking me for a pic - nic with only bladder friendly foods and our puppy. Assuming I can drag myself out of bed tomorrow. This will be nice. I feel like his is wasting his life with me though we have only been married just over a year. In fact pain started 3 months into our marriage and it is clear at least for now pain is here to stay. I have completely lost who I am, I am just a big ball of pain Urgh.

    I am reluctant to go back to GP for further testing for this pelvic pain because I know everything will come back 'normal' so far every single test I have had I have said to the doctors ' I don't know what your testing that for it will come back normal' and it has. I have been right with every one. It's like I just knew. I only had vulva pain for a few weeks and I was telling the doctors it was vulvodynia and now they believe me. Same deal with IC. So it makes me not want to go back because they won’t find anything anyway. Do you know what I mean?

    Glad to not be in tears today. Glad the pain has lessened.

    I want my life back please, I am sick of waiting, trying, researching, and, peeing! I want to be me again.

    Thank you all so much for your kind words. Sorry

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  • ICNDonna
    I hope you are able to see your doctor soon.

    Sending gentle hugs,

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  • Pammylynn8
    I am so sorry you are feeling this way. I am new at this but hope you will find the answers you need. Have you tried deep breathing meditation with music. I find that when I do that, I can lay on my bed do my deep breathing and cry if I need to cry, just let whatever emotion come out and then I feel sooooo much better. There are so many great CD's for that. I actually don't listen to a relaxation one but instead Jim Brickman who has music that calms my mind and body. Good luck to you!!

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  • passion4life
    Hope You Feel Better

    I am unsure about the best pain medications. But I totally agree with Briza about the effects of stress on IC. If possible, can you take a couple days off work and lie around the house and relax? Another thing that works for me is doing only those things necessary for the day. This has been truly a life altering choice. Also, I now see a therapist. IC is baffling and frustrating. I needed help wrapping my mind around my "new" normal. Has anyone offered to help? You may want to consider taking them up on their offer.

    I am so sorry that you are sad and frustrated. I pray that Love lights your path and you begin to feel better. Have the best day you possibly can.

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  • Claire_A
    started a topic Frustration, Pain, Sadness

    Frustration, Pain, Sadness

    Hi everyone,

    Looking for some support. I thought a few weeks ago my bladder pain went into complete remission. This lasted for about 1 month. I then came off the pill and began having pain in my ovaries. It has been a month and 2 weeks since coming off. I now don't know if this pain is bladder or pelvic pain but it is directly above my pubic bone and is a dull ache that makes me feel sick. I am yet to have a period since coming off the pill but not too worried and don't think this is the cause of my pain as I had irregular periods prior to being on the pill. I have also become very diet sensitive over the past two weeks (I wasn't really at all before). I have ordered Cystoprotek to see what that does and following the diet very strictly.

    My vulvodynia is also flaring really bad and I don't know why. My husband seems to have run out of patients. I have been in pain for over a year now with out one day of peace.

    I am so exhausted. He doesn't seem to realize how much harder everything is when you have pain 24/7 everything just affects me so much more. Its like I am at my limit and if anything else happens that a normal person could deal with ontop of my pain I just can't take it.

    I am so sick of these stupid conditions. I have tried so much for my vulvodynia and I am still in pain.

    I just want to cry all the time, I have no patients, snapping at everyone because they don't understand. Even my boss today. I just want to lie in a hot bath all day and cry.

    What can I take for the pain that will actually work for both conditions - I need relief quick. What is the best painkiller for pelvic/bladder pain. Right now I am on nothing for either conditions for the pain.