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    Hi everyone hope this finds you all having a good day and feeling well. I have recently getting your feedback on some of our meds with take and reactions and interactions. Yesterday my doc and I went through what I had been given and made some changes. I know that some meds mix bad with supplements. When joining this site I noticed alot of you were taking calcium citrate with magnisium and omega 3 supplements that seemed to help alot so I added that to my daily regime. I was taken off prosed ds which I am glad for I feel that it didn't help at all. I was given

    toviaz 8mg
    prozac 10mg
    librax (ibs/ic med)

    I was already on vyvanse 30mg for adhd

    she didn't say anything about them mixing badly with these meds and I want to know if any of you have had any problems with your meds and supplements. I guess I am probaly being over neurotic but I went from only a ADHD med to all these and it is scary for me. Any feedback would be great.

    wishing everyone a symptom free day