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  • Looking for great primary care physician

    I was diagnosed with IC a few months ago. I was also diagnosed with PCOS as a teenager. The last few years have been hell, and finding a doctor to understand what I am going through has been extremely difficult. I deal with frequent severe pelvic and lower back pain. I can't seem to find a doctor who will be proactive in A) treating my symptoms and B) Treating me with medications that can be used long term. My primary care physician owns his own practice and specializes in preventative care (he leans more toward the holistic side of medicine), he thinks I JUST want him to give me pain pills. Of course I would like something to make me more comfortable, dealing with severe pain has been debilitating and has made me feel hopeless. So far his only solution has been to prescribe an anti-depressant and an anti-histamine. Oh and he told me to drink lots of Cranberry juice! I would love to find a doctor who will help me figure this all out, does anyone know of any good primary care physicians in Lane County Oregon who are accepting new patients and who accept OHP? Thanks in advance!

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    Can't help you with the doctor, as I live in the midwest, but please PLEASE stop drinking the cranberry juice! It is acidic hell on our poor IC bladders!
    Symtoms started July 2010.
    Severe pelvic floor pain only.

    2 time PT graduate!
    In medical remission since August 2011; able to eat and drink anything I want currently.

    IC meds:
    200 mg Elmiron in the morning
    100 mg Elmiron @ night
    Macrobid after intercourse

    03/11 07/11 01/12
    If at first you don't succeed: 07/26/2013!