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A healing time

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  • A healing time

    Prior to last week's IC diagnosis, I made major lifestyle changes: left an unhappy marriage, quit my job, moved out west, and removed all suspected food allergens from my diet (wheat/gluten, spices, citrus etc.). Lo and behold I , stopped coughing/sneezing and vomiting. My gassy digestive tract is better too. I have had a few headaches, but no migranes. Nor, do I leak. My east coast doctors said that I had mixed incontinence, but meds never worked. I wore pads daily for years, because I would leak when coughing/sneezing, plus the urgency and frequency was unbearable. My condition worsened due to a hysterectomy years ago. The reason for my hysterectomy was due to the fact that I had debilating pelvic pain that the doctors could not figure out. My new ob/gyn said that my muscles were fine and did not see evidence of leaking. He suspected IC. I feel pain sometimes in the pelvis from time to time, as well as, my joints. I have non-descript inflammation of the muscular skeletal system. I react to the barometer. Pain sadly was normal for me. Last week though, I felt only moderate pain during the potassium test. This week was my first resuce treatments (heparin cocktails). I feel throbbing pains afterwards, but it is manageable. I take elavil, and elmiron daily too. Do I sound like an IC patient? To any extent, now is my time to heal.

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    healing time

    How wonderful!! What a lot of courage it must have taken for you to change your life.
    Keep feeling good and keep posting your positive posts, they're so nice to read.


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      Still trying to heal...

      Well, thanks so much for the support. BTW: I ate out tonight to celebrate my birthday. I had gluten free dinner from Chili's- salmon, steamed broc. and mashed potatoes. My tummy is a little bubbly, and my nose was running a tiny bit. I voided about four times in the past hour. I will need to limit eating out; I feel less anxious when I cook at home. But, it was fun to get out.
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        It sounds like you have a very healthy attitude and will do well.

        I admire your courage in making needed life changes. You should be very proud of yourself.

        Stay safe

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          Update: Last's night dinner

          I slept through the night thanks to the meds. I have been up since 6:30 and it is now 10:27. 11 potty breaks and counting. I can barely finish writing this post, since I need to go again. I just went five minutes ago. I now know that I have to be very careful when eating out, despite the chef's claims that he would adhere to my diet concerns. Oh well, it was certainly nice celebrating with my daughter last night though. She is a gem. Now, that is a blessing.