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My Research -IC/PFD, Diet, Immunity, Therapies, Supplements (Need opinions)

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  • My Research -IC/PFD, Diet, Immunity, Therapies, Supplements (Need opinions)

    This forum has helped me a lot. I really want to reply to posts but afraid my resplies might can contradict opinions from experts here. My husbands case is just 2 yrs old & he suffers from IC, IBS, Nuerodermatitis etc but mainly PFD. He has tried many things but still pelvic discomfort, muscle tightening/wasting is increasing. I would appreciate we all can share opinions on the following -

    1. Diet - Definitely helps but again few people say it has too be 80:20 alkaline/acid ratio. Below is the website that lists acidic & alkaline foods but it contradicts with IC Diet List and also the fact that IC diet has to be alkaline I desperately need suggestion on which flour (he eats more flour items), probiotics & milk can be used if having both IC &IBS
    2. IC & Co-existing conditions-
    Experts belive IC/IBS/Yeast etc has a strong connection with body getting into auto-immune cycle. Please share your experiences /opinions on signs, diagnosis, factors, scope of recovery etc determining upto what level body has been attacked by inflammations, tissue depletions, low immunity at a systemic level. Any tests like salivary cortisol, antinuclear antibody etc
    4. PT & IC- I am visiting PT who bascally has started bio-feedback (which is normal) & breathing techniques. But all that is not helping at all . Please share your experiences on like is biofeedback enough to diagnose all pelvic floor dysfunction ( i think not bladder muscles). Or what else has helped like exercises (pillates, pelvic curl etc), TENS, pelvic relaxation/stimulation techniques (any specifcs). Are you going to PT on maintainace basis or going when needed
    5. Remission - Is remission common in IC & also in similar conditions. What factors other than diet can contribute to that. My husband's PFD/IC is continuos last 2 yrs though with diet control
    6. IC/Other Therapies & Quality of Life - I know though diagnosed with IC, we all share different symptoms. Upto what level IC can be diagnosed with just diet elimination as I think diet also helps in similar conditions. So basically it is not important to diagnose IC. But is it possible to diagnose cause of PFD - is t from IC or more from IBS etc issues ?. How much can Accupuncture help in that.
    7. Supplements - Over last few months I have found list of supplements which are recommended by experts but not sure as its a big list like Mumio, Vit C, Silica, Selenium, Spirulina, Ashwagandha, Fish Oil, Desert Aloe, Ginseng, DFH-Andretone, Cystoprotek, Glutenthione, Non denatured why protein, Clostrum, Carnosine, Medicinal Mushrooms - Any specific brands