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  • Reporting for duty.

    Hey hows it going everybody. Wanted to say hello and introduce myself. My name is Yuriy and I am 26 years old and I was diagnosed with IC in June of this year. I saw 2 urologists who just basicaly ruled everything out and the 3rd urologist, a very nice lady doctor diagnosed my symptom as IC (also went to a 4th for some reason for another opinion, who also said it's IC) I guess it can't be anything other than that since my symptons are mainly just frequent urination and urge to urinate. Having researched IC on the internet (not the best thing since internet could be full of info) and going by what the doctor said it's best concluded that IC causes are still ? to doctors and so is the cure, which I was upset about more or less, then again why wouldn't an unknown disease happen to me...and others hehe. So after all the ruling out I decided to let mother nature try to heal me which didn't do much so I made an account on here after reading up about some of the members stories and I am currently checking out Donnas diet list aswell.

    I do have a question about the term "flare" that I've been seeing. For instance today I am pretty much going non stop because I've drank friday and saturday. Friday was 4 long island ice teas and maybe 2 beers and yestrday was just mainly beer but not alot. I'd say 20-30oz of beer if I count fridays and saturdays intake and I didnt really have to go often those 2 days but today I'd say I am in and out every 30 minute hahaha. Is that considered a "flare" in my bladder? Like now it's actualy triggering this? Somedays it's bad like today and somedays I dont need to go often at all so I am confused at times.

    Nonetheless, the lady urologist gave me 2 choices when she diagnosed me with IC. One was to get a urodynamtic testing which I backed out for the mere thought process that since I already had a cystoscope this year I didnt want to get something put up there twice in a year haha (I have to joke about it for the sake of remaining sane heh) or try Elmiron which I wasn't sure about since again there is no real cure for IC. Since she gave me the prescription in June, like I said I let mother nature take care of me up till this far and today I decided to fill the prescription and begin with Elmiron. Maybe it works maybe it doesn't will have to wait.

    I was hoping it would be just all in my head since wanting to go to the bathoom is very mental as well but the body wants me to urinate so I guess it's not just all in the head in the end. I am a pessimist thats an optimist....thats a pessimist if that makes any sence and whatever funnies I have to deal with till my time is over I think this issue will stick with me for the rest of my life *shrugs*

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    to the IC Network.

    It's important to remember that, even if there isn't a cure, there are many things that can be done to help people with IC feel better. Elmiron can take six months or more to become effective so I'm glad you are getting started with it.

    Sending healing thoughts,
    Stay safe

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      Yes, a flare is probably what you're dealing with currently after all that drinking. That would make my bladder flare for sure! I can currently handle a glass or two of white wine, but that's after months on medications and sticking strictly to the IC diet.

      I would describe a flare as an increase in your symptoms above whatever is "normal" for you. I'm glad you're trying the Elmiron! Like Donna said, give it a good shot- 10 months on it was the magical number for me. I haven't felt my bladder or flared in almost a month! I do stick mostly to the diet still though, and always will. Food isn't that important to me, and I'd much rather have no pain than a chocolate bar.
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