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  • ICNDonna
    It sounds like what happened to me when I last drank a coke many years ago. It just wasn't worth the pain that followed.

    I hope you feel better quickly --- if you drink enough water, hopefully you'll feel better by the end of the day.


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  • Rope_Wrench
    started a topic Flair???


    I need some input. Since my hydro a few months ago and doing a strict IC diet I have not noticed any major changes with my bladder pain/discomfort. Every few weeks I would try one of the trigger foods to see if I had a reaction. Other then making a few more trips to the bathroom and more of that dull cramping feeling I have not really had any problems.
    Last night we went to the movies and not wanting to be a bother to my wife, got a Coca cola to drink with our popcorn. By the time we left, I could tell something was wrong. The cramping was getting stronger and I had almost a constent urge to go. By bed time it was a sharp pain with a slight burning feeling on the inside.
    I didn't get much sleep and the only thing that takes the edge off is going to the bathroom. I am going about every 30 minutes but if I had too I could go a little longer but not much.
    Is this a normal flair or is something wrong? Also, if it is a flair how long will it last? Please, I need some help.