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  • Julie B
    Hi Christina....I agree that you need to get checked first by your gyn...but I also suggest that you look up an IC specialist in your area to back up with you may learn from your gyn. Don't be afraid to go to a doctor and tell them you don't currently have insurance. It would be horrible if you have an infection and it got worse because you waited.

    I hope you feel better soon sweetie...........

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  • christina23
    started a topic New Doctor

    New Doctor

    So I went to see a doctor to maybe point me in the right direction on finding out whether this is IC, since I seem to have burning just when voiding and after sex it seems to burn. I have had urgency and then he tells me he thinks it's urethritis? After 4 years this is what it could be all along? I hope if it is it's not serious considering it's been that long. I"m only 27 and I still want to have kids. But he says I need to go to the gyno and have them look so since i have no insurance here in Texas i need to wait to get approved for a Gold Card so I can go. He thinks maybe my bartholin abscesses might have something to do with it, but I haven't had one since 2009 thank goodness I waited 4 years i hope not too much damage has been done. I havent' had any serious symptoms to make me go to the ER. Anyone have any thoughts?