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  • getting better??!!

    Well, I think that I'm getting better! I've cheated on the diet, but not with the major no no's... I haven't had any citrus, or stuff in nearly a month. Stayed away from soy sauce and all that saucy stuff. Mostly been using a bladder friendly diet, with some exceptions. I won't give up onion, but it's always cooked down really well, and there are a couple other things, that I can't think of this morning that I also have been able to handle.

    The thing is, I didn't realize how miserable I was until I wasn't in pain and discomfort anymore. I consider myself to have mild to maybe moderate IC. It's not debilitating, no need for heavy drugs, thank goodness... I'm allergic to most opiates, so that would suck if I did... and I've got a problem with addiction(sober for 4 years), so it wouldn't be good anyhow. Now that I know how it feels to not have the pressure and fullness, and urgency anymore, I'm going to make this work as best I can.

    I have made up my own sauce for a substitute Sour Cream. I blend up cream cheese, and add a little veggie broth(organic, no preservatives) to desired thickness, and it's really good on things like ground turkey, and stuff. We had a ground turkey, artichoke(plain in water) mix last night with feta cheese, diced cucumber, and that sauce and it was very yummy. we put it all in a tortilla..

    Also I make a hard boiled egg, and avocado wrap with cream cheese and spinach, and a touch of salt. Very yummy.

    I can't stand that I have this, and I can't stand that the food can be very boring, but we (my fiancee and i) are going to make this work.

    I am in a little flare this morning, (Costco samples kill me) But, I'm feeling good.

    Thanks for all the support, sorry this message was all over the place!!

    Much Peace....