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  • Diet question

    Hi all; I just wondered if anyone knew if soybean oil which is found in so many products should be avoided? I do not eat soy anymore because of it being a forbidden food, but I never thought about needing to avoid this oil . I have been eating only the IC Safe diet foods since May and my symptoms have not really improved overall. Then I really started looking at ingredients and noticed that I have not been aware of soybean oil as a potential irritant. Also, is it true that most people's response to eating an irritating food frequency and pain or just frequency for a period of time? My main symptom has always been pain (urethral mostly) and not frequency; this has not changed so I really can't determine food triggers. My pain fluctuates every day with seemingly no rhyme or reason. I don't experience changes in frequency at all. I feel so frustrated with so many questions and no clear answers. Thanks for any suggestions.

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    diet question

    Hi Kitty,

    Sorry you're having a hard time. The diet can be a challenge for sure, but at least in my case, it was worth the effort.

    For me, soy bean oil is something to avoid, though that's not always easy.

    It can be hard to tell what your food triggers are. When I started the diet, I ate only the foods on the "safe" list, then I started adding in foods from the "try it", list, one at a time, so I could see which were problems.

    When I eat something that I shouldn't, I get pain and frequency, or just frequency, depending on how irritating the offending food was. In one way or another, my bladder lets me know I it does not approve!

    I hope you can find what makes you feel better, and worse. Stay with it, and keep posting.



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      I have to avoid soybean oil, this includes a lot of margrines, and shortening.

      I bought shortening when it said it was all vegtable shortening, all vegtable true but the vegtable is soybean.

      Also it goes by a few different names.

      It is hard to avoid it, i just don't eat many premade or prepackaged foods, I make most things from scratch.

      My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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        Hi Laurie,

        Thanks for your reply. I checked the Food list and Soy was listed under the oil category as a "safe" choice. I ate popcorn last night which listed soybean oil as an ingredient and my bladder hurt so much more than it normally does. So I wonder if I should avoid anything cooked in soybean oil. Another question I wondered about was sometimes I need Excedrin for terrible headaches that I sometimes get..caffeine is an ingredient, so is this something that I should avoid as well?



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          If you find the excederine bothers your bladder then yes you should avoid it, everone is different.

          Was the popcrn the kind you put in themicrowave to cook? If it was it could have been a preservative, and or the soybean oil.

          I eat popcron, I just put oil in a pot, heat it up add plain popcorn too it and with a lid on shake till popped, pour butter and salt to taste, it dosen't really take any longer to make it this way, and you know what you are getting.

          My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.