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Maybe its IC? Does it sound like it?

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  • Maybe its IC? Does it sound like it?

    Hi all! This all started one month ago for me... my family practice doc mentioned IC as a possibility since I was negative for UTI after urine testing. My symptoms however were not that I needed to void urgently, and no vaginal pain... but instead, very strong and painful bladder contractions *after* voiding. The pain is best described as 'searing, knifelife' in the bladder and it was impossible to get off toilet or take even small steps for 1-2 hours after a void. I noticed that going pee more frequently was helpful as the contractions were less. The lower abdomen about a handslength down from the belly button was swollen and extremely tender!

    Does that sound like IC? She prescribed me the Pyridium pills and they *seemed* to work, but not entirely.

    My big flare lasted about 1 week, and since then, I have what feels like constant low grade inflammation in the bladder. Need to wear loose pants for sure and feel like i look pregnant!

    And, now I seem to leak small amounts of urine and cant control it when the bladder seems most inflammed.

    I have started the diet. I hope to see if it works as my first appointment with a urogynecologist is not for another 3 weeks! But I am grateful to find these forums and hope to learn lots from you all.


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    I know your pain but did you try the diet. It takes a couple of weeks but my symptoms did subside a bit after I stopped the coffee, tomato products, tea, chocolate, processed foods and artificial sweetners and flavorings.......still have pain and frequency but less. I am trying all kinds of meds but the diet is very important. good luck dear.


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      Thanks Eilostnyc... I just found this forum a few days ago and am learning, and implementing the diet... hopefully it will really help if it is indeed IC.