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Sperm friendly lubricant

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  • July
    I have used the Preseed and really like it. I have only used the external preseed, and not the internal that you insert with the syringe. I think the problem with some of the commericial sperms is that their sticky consistency makes it hard for the sperm to swim. Preseed is suppose to mimic natural fluids more.

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  • melanie626
    started a topic Sperm friendly lubricant

    Sperm friendly lubricant

    TTC and reading the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility (totally excellent)- but one thing they mentioned is that lubricants, which so many of us need and even saliva can cause those little swimmers to die off. They recommended a product calle PreSeed, you can find locations off the website at I got mine for 14.99 for six. Anyway, might help.

    Other thing I have heard and read is the use of guiafeneson to help thin the secretions to give those buggers a better chance of survival.

    Good luck to all us trying.