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    Meme, you're not old at 27 but I do think you are at the perfect age for starting to have kids. You must be really serious about starting a family if you are willing to give up your closet. You can't judge what your kids will be like from the grocery monsters you see all day. Plus there are some good kids that won't run a person over with the grocery cart. Good luck with it and glad to hear things are going much better for you. Hey, maybe you will have twins or triplets???


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      That's not even funny!!!!!!!!! Two of my cousins already have twins! I'm pretty sure I'd got nuts.


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        We're close to the same age! Do you typically have serious IC symptoms? How long have you had IC? Did you already say that? I can't go even a few hours without MS Contin in my system. You must be really strong to try this. I know it will be worth it.
        If everything else was set in place like day care, finances, etc. maybe I'd be more open to it. Honestly though, what happens if you are in terrible pain and can't handle it? I hate to play devils advicate, but how does one resist taking pain meds at that point! I have been in so much pain I've thought if I didn't have meds, I'd plead with the doctors to remove my bladder. Thje diet alone doesn't help enough.


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          My main problem has always been the frequency and extreme urgency, I only have pain if I really stress myself or don't follow the IC diet. I was really afraid to try this,(I'd actually resolved to NEVER having kids b/c I didn't want to get any worse), but I've been pretty close to remission now for the past 4mos or so, so I'm willing to try it now that I know in 9mos I can go back on my meds and get well again.
          I've had IC for about 10yrs, and to me, I think it is progressive. I can deal with it a little better now, mostly due to the meds and changing my attitude, but its definetly gotten worse than in the beginning.
          I don't have to worry much about the finances, I only work part-time now and I have family close by, so that helps a lot too. Really my main worry is my migraines. Hoping I don't have too many during the pregnancy b/c I just can't do it anymore w/out my Maxalt. But it will pass, I just think that I'm at the point now that its kinda now or never.


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            Sorry, I was just kidding. When I was young I read where a woman in India had the world record of 26 kids and I had wanted to break her record. Then another woman in England had 14 kids and she was still wanting more. Of course not really knowing all there is to it maybe I am just a weeeenie bit on the crazy side.


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              I am also trying to conceive....not as easy as it looks. I tell ya.....

              I have been trying for 2 months with no luck so far.....hoping the 3rd month gets us our little bundle of joy.

              Diagnosed with IC 3-30-2003

              Flare ups 1 time a month lasts for days.