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    OK, I know this is something I'll talk with my uro and gyno about when the time gets closer, but I was wondering how long you go off your IC meds before TTC. RIght now I take 100 mg of Elmiron and 15 mg Ditropan XL daily for my IC. I'm willing to give both of those up for pregnancy, but am wondering if you go off them early and see how you feel or what most ICers do.
    ~ Stacey

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    Well right how I am trying to get off the Detrol LA. It just seems lately after I take it, I am having even more problems now. This just started to happen and I am taking my chance with it. I might have to go back on it, I really don't know. I think maybe only you can try it and see. If you start having major problems you can get back on it. But a warning, you might suffer for awhile if you have to take it again, for the medicine to kick in.

    With the Elmiron also, if you stop it, it might take awhile to start working for you again. I think this is something you have to decide but don't hestitate to get back on it, especially if you are starting to hurt. Sometimes you don't realize how the medicine is really helping you until you get off of it.

    Hope the Best,
    Hugs, Trishann


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      my family doctor has asked us to give up the Ditropan XL min. 1 month before trying to conceive and the birth control about the same (finish a pack, have a period, then one more period after that)...I only take 10mg Ditropan XL 1x/day and used to take pyridium for flare ups but gave that up recently due to exaggerated side effects...

      I'm scared to come off the Ditropan because I have no idea how I'll do without it, and to be honest, I'm really scared the IC would get bad like it did last year before the meds (although I've changed my entire lifestyle and diet since, but still)...

      my uro said last month after my cysto/hydro I should be fine with diet, I have a mild case of IC - and that the procedure will help my frequency, etc...but how do you know and what do you do if you come off the meds to TTC and end up unable to work b/c you're so uncomfortable?.........


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        I'm in the same boat. I'm so scared of going off my meds to TTC. Hoping I'm one of those who goes into remission while pregnant. I also have migraines so the thought of not being able to take my med for that is really scary. I just can't function at all with one of those!


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          Going off Ditropan is what has me most worried, too. The unknown is so stinking hard. It'd be nice if there were a formula for how to live with IC and how to handle it when TTC.
          ~ Stacey