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coming off meds this weekend.....

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  • coming off meds this weekend.....

    I'm so very nervous!

    We've talked to our physician about TTC this spring, and she wants me med free if at all possible - so we're attempting it this weekend to see how I feel without the Ditropan XL...

    I had a cysto/hydro done in early February and saw some results, however, I had a bad infection a few weeks ago that took a while to clear up fully and then entered into my ovulation/period weeks so I still feel like crap but for different reasons!...

    have any of you had success coming off the meds? she said I will know how I'll feel without them within 12-24 hrs after the missed dose...I'm so scared I'll feel as bad as I did when I was first diagnosed and she gave me the meds to alleviate the symptoms...I want to do med free for the pregnancy/TTC but what if I'm unable to work, etc.?
    She said we'd talk to my uro if it doesn't work this weekend, but none of the meds I've seen rec'd to people seem 'safe' to take during this...

    so many questions and it's stressful enough day to day, let alone throwing in TTC without meds to assist in the management of this!

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    I am sorry I have no answers for you. Hopefully the gals that have had babies can help you out
    'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'


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      I hope you will do fine and are able to be med free.

      Shopping??? Did someone mention shopping? I'll get my hat... ;-)

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        I'm also starting to go of my meds since my husband and I are going to start TTC in July. I'm currently on Elmiron and Elavil and have been doing great. I went down to 2xday on the Elmiron with no problems. Supposed to start next week with 1xday. I'm so nervous!!!!! Like you I want to TTC and have my pregnancy without meds, but I'm really scared that I won't be one of the ones who goes into remission. Let me know how it goes. Maybe we can talk eachother through this


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          for sure! i will let you know how it goes...I'm only on 10mg Ditropan XL 1x/day and pyridium for really bad flares (usually around essential times, of course, this could be hard!)...but I hate how I feel on the meds anyways, so if this works, a woo hoo!

          Should know by Sunday night how it'll go...been really good lately minus the whole ovulation thing...last night for the first time EVER, i made it 8 hours comfortably without going to the bathroom!! here's hoping...we'll keep in touch, pm me anytime...


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            hi all!

            36 hrs med free and only concern is how I never feel 'done' when i go, but when my bladder is more full/i'm hydrated i feel ok...

            i have a follow up this Thursday with our doctor to discuss where we're going from here and how to manage any flare ups without meds, etc., I can discuss this then with her - it's hard to take a long time in the bathroom when you're at work...15-20 mins is one thing, any longer they may send out the search patrol, lol...