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    Hi All!

    My husband and I are considering ttc and I was wondering a couple of things. I have a urologist and a gyno but my gyno doesn't do OB work anymore so I kinda feel out in the dark. I am afraid that anywhere I go they won't be familiar with IC and my concerns about medicine, pain, caths, uti's, etc. I am going to ask my gyno who he would recommend, but I was wondering should I go to a maternal-fetal medicine specialist? I can take a lot of pain to an extent but I don't want to be in so much I can't walk and have no relief. I just want to know what will be safe for me to take. I know I when I get preggars I can't take hot water only baths which sucks because that is one thing that helps quickly though only for a short time. Do any of you know if you can use those icy-hot patches? Anyway if you have any suggestions or know of a good OB in Louisville, KY or around there let me know.


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    Ob Gyn

    Krisi -

    I am from right outside of Louisville. I use the Advocate for Womens Health. Alesha Graves. They are a group and are located behind the Summit if you know where that is (Brownsboro Road, East End). Dr. Graves has sent me to Dr. McQuady at the Pelvic Pain Specialty Center, he is located at the new Jewish Hospital center at the corner of Breckinridge Lane. Dr. McQuady is a great doctor and very into IC, he has written many articles on it. Great guy, good practice. Hope this helps.


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      Cool. I haven't gone to the Pelvic Pain Specialty Center yet. My uro is Dr. Bailen from Metropolitan Urology. I also see NP Kelly Gollar. They are also really nice there. Kelly talked about possibly sending me over to PPS if I was still in pain after my instills. Do you see on of the physical therapists over there?

      Anyway so your OB/Gyn, Dr. Graves, knows a bit about IC then, that is good to know? I am wondering who my gyn will recommend. He used to be an OB then got out of it a few years ago.

      I don't know about you but I am so apprehensive about going to new doctors.

      Well thanks for the info. It is good to know someone else is in Louisville too.



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        Krisi -

        My first PT is tomorrow, I have met with them and have my first evaluation last week. I am going to be getting the PT and "Cocktails" at the PPSC weekly. I am scheduled for my first Cysto/Distention on the 19th. They do a very thorough evaluation first time you go. Alyse Goodman is the NP there and she is really easy to talk to. I had never heard of IC until Dr. Graves sent me to them. My first urine culture showed blood in my urine and they scheduled the PST for the next week. The PST and PUF test were both positive, they started me on the Elmiron that day. I went back on the 29th and met Dr. McQuady he did another exam and a bunch of other medications, I received my first "Cocktail" yesterday. I just dropped the prescriptions off to be filled or I would let you know what they are as well. This is all very new to me so I dont have much more info for you. I do know that I feel like they are doing all they can to get me some relief. I have been dealing with this since December and was beginning to think I was crazy : now at least I know I am not. Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.