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possible effects of pregnancy on IC?

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  • possible effects of pregnancy on IC?


    What are the chances of IC worsening after a pregnancy? Does anyone know much about IC and pregnancy? Will a C-section make IC worse?


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    Since we are all so different when it comes to our symptoms and triggers it is almost impossible to say how you will feel. I CAN say that my IC did not worsen after pregnancy. It remained the same throughout the 40 weeks and after the birth.

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    Baby Kaitlyn was born on 07/08/01 after a successful pregnancy with IC!


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      My IC was under control as well. I think I flared up twice the whole time.

      And as for the c-section, well I had one. And I can say Zane was born in Jan. 02 and I didn't go back on my meds till June.

      We are all different. But if I had had a horrible time with my IC, I still would do it again for my bundle of joy.

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        Thank you Lesa and Jaime for your responses. This has been a very worrysome topic for me. I can't tell you how much it means to me to hear others experiences with pregnancy. Thank you so much! I actually found a study last night located somewhere on this site that Kristene Whitmore did with some of her patients regarding pregnancy. It was a small study-a total of 18 pregnancies- but no one in her study got worse after-infact some even seem to be a little better. I know there is always that possibility of getting worse but it is comforting to see that there are a great many out there who do just fine. Thanks again for your support! <img src="graemlins/hi.gif" border="0" alt="[hi]" />

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          I'm concerned about stopping my medication (elmiron, detrol LA and desipramine for vulvadynia) for pregancy...and for such a long time. Do most people stop the drugs completely or has anyone successfully stayed on the meds throughout pregnancy?


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            Kelly, I only take Detrol (the original version), and I've been working on phasing it out so I can try to conceive. It's been difficult, but taking prenatal vitamins makes it worse for me. I switched from prenatals to folic acid tablets, and that made a big difference.


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              That kind of makes me nerous too. I just got marries in june and we are thinking about trying to get pregnant in the next year and a lot of meds you can't take when you are pregnant and I also heard that you urinate more, I do not know if I can afford that alone [img]confused.gif[/img] Anyone have to get off meds?


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                Just a thought for you all....
                I think this was the basis of Dr. Whitmores study....

                if IC is indeed autoimmune, autoimmune diseases tend to improve with pregnancy, during the time of gestation. Its like that whole "pregnancy glow" thing. Of course a gravid uterus presses on a bladder though....nothing you can do about that.

                I am scared about one day (if I get there!!!!) trying to have a baby too....but Ive always dreamed of being a mother. I love reading these posts, they give me peice of mind. ANyone ever worried about taking all these pills BEFORE having babies and it having some effect? (Like not during the pregnancy, but just that I take so many meds now...)
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