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  • Going for it

    Hi all! Went to my uro yesterday and I am now off of all medicines but one that I am being weaned off of. It will take me a week to wean off and then we have to wait a month to start trying. I am really excited about this, but also scared. I have been in remission for about six months with eating anything I want. So now back to a strict diet. I had forgotten how restrictive it was, but I can do this if it means a new baby. My baby now will turn 4 in May and isn't such a baby anymore. Thanks to all of you.

    love you all

    Kristy [img]biggrin.gif[/img]

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    That's great, Kristy! I'll send you some strong pregnancy vibes! Keep us posted will ya?

    "The first time her laughter unfurled it's wings into the wind....
    We knew that the world would never be the same."
    ~Brian Andres

    Baby Kaitlyn was born on 07/08/01 after a successful pregnancy with IC!


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      Wow, I am so happy for you. Good Luck!