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Can I get pregnant still with an irritated bad bladder?

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  • Can I get pregnant still with an irritated bad bladder?

    I would like to start a family very soon. I was prescribed Elmiron and my Dr. said it was fine to take when you are trying to conceive. He said that Elmiron is a class B drug and is safe to use before birth and will not hurt the fetus. When you get pregnant ofcourse it is advisable to stop all medications.

    I however am terrified of taking any meds while trying to conceive. But I want to feel better before I try to have a baby and while I am trying to have a baby! So I stopped taking Elmiron because I hate taking drugs and I felt like it was irritating my bladder more. I still have a bad bladder,

    I feel like I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. Can I get pregnant still with an irritated bad bladder? Or must I treat it any way I can? What are your thoughts? Please Help!

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    It's not impossible. I was on Elmiron for a year and found out in June I was pregnant for the first time. So I went off it. Now I'm 5mths and really not in remission, but I can handle it. You just have to watch your diet and water gets old, but it really is the best thing. I had an ultrasound last week and everything is great. I wish you all the luck in concieving.
    Tons of support,

    IC angel helping families in need for the holidays. [email protected]


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      Someone e-mailed me that they should go off Elmiron. Now I am even more confused because my dr said it is ok to conceive while on Elmiron.

      This was her e-mail: "I wanted to share with you my experience in the last few days since I visited my Urologist on Tuesday and was advised to stop taking Elmiron as well as Detrol because my husband and I are trying to start a family and my doctor said there just isn't enough research out to not rule out any possibility of harm to a fetus." Mrs. Smith


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        It's true Mimmy. There really isn't enough research about it. Heck, there's not even enough research about IC.

        It confuses me too because I heard you could go back on the Elmiron after the baby is born. That not enough of the drug passes through the milk. Who knows. I'm just not going to take the chance.

        One thing to remember is different people and doctors have different views. Just go with what you feel is right. And discuss everything with your uro and your ob.

        Tons of support,
        Tons of support,

        IC angel helping families in need for the holidays. [email protected]


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          I was also told not to take Elmiron while trying to conceive. I have three children and never had a problem conceiving until I found out I had IC. My bladder constantly was inflamed and I wanted a fourth child in the worst way. It took me a year and 1/2 to conceive (I'm 5 months pregnant now) and I'm convinced that it was because I my bladder was always irritated.
          Once I changed my diet and things started to calm down a little bit I got pregnant.
          Good luck to you.


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            Hi Mimmy,
            I just wanted to tell you that I am 3 weeks pregnant and I conceived while on meds it was a surprise but I called my doctor the minute I took the test and they took me off my medication. I was taking Elmiron and neurontin. They weren't overly alarmed. It is so early and I am off all meds. I just can't wait to get an ultrasound to make sure everything is ok. I hope this information helps you. Tiffany


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              Dear Mimmy, Have you thought about trying acupuncture instead of drug therapy while trying to conceive? You could be helped greatly and it can't do any harm. One of our UK support group used acupuncture all through her pregnancy because she was told to stop the drugs that were helping her with the IC. It got her through, so it's worth a try. Best wishes, Janet


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                Thank you so very much everyone for your advice!

                I am kinda of thinking I'd like to be med free before my pregnancy but when I have so much bladder pressure all the time I feel silly that I don't try to see if elmiron works..

                What I might do is this:
                A. Try the Elmiron again for 6 months and see how I feel. If it doesn't help than obviously I will have to try to conceive anyway.

                B. My other choice is to get used to living with the pressure and not take meds, just pretend it's not there and try to get pregnant.

                I think A. sounds better for me right now!
                I also know that Elmiron is a Class B drug and should not harm a fetus like other drugs are known to. Unfortunately, I feel very depressed about the state of my bladder and I have a tremendous fear about having sex and getting pregnant with IC because of how uncomfortable my bladder feels all the time. I feel like other people are so lucky they don't have to deal with bladder issues, they could try to get pregnant whenever they want. I always thought it would be easy, you just decide when you want a baby. I also used to love sex! Now I am a newlywed who rarely can have sex.

                (Thanks for the acupuncture advice-I have tryed it and it didn't work for me).


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                  Hi there,

                  Just to let you know my experience/opinions. I believe it isn't a problem to be able to get pregnant while your IC is bad. However, you would probably be more comfortable getting pregnant if your IC was more in control (if that's possible). I would have to say that staying on the elmiron is okay while trying to conceive. I was told by my first doctor that drugs taken during that time before you know you're pregnant aren't a problem. To further confuse you (sorry), my perinatologist told me she thought elmiron would be a safe drug to take throughout the pregnancy, just by looking at the drug makeup. She wanted me to take it, I refused and wish now that I had taken it.

                  ~Darcy R (WI)


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                    Darcy-What is a perinatoligist? Also why do you wish you took elmiron-and did you wish to take it while you were pregnant?


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                      A perinatologist is a physician who specializes in high risk pregnancy and care of both mother and fetus during pregnancy and immediately after delivery. There aren't very many available and are mostly in large medical facilities.

                      Stay safe

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                        Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, I've been having computer troubles. Donna already explained what a perinatologist is. I went to one because I was at high risk for incompetent cervix. They handle high risk pregnancies -- I ended up needing her more than I imagined. Anyway, mine has her office in one of the hospitals in the nearest city to us. The reason I wished I'd taken elmiron was that I wonder if it would have helped calm my pre-term labor down a little. I was in pre-term labor because of DES exposure and incompetent cervix, but I still have to wonder if my irritated bladder might have added to it. Just a thought. I was against taking it of course, and I sure wish they could test elmiron's effects during pregnancy.

                        Best of luck to you!
                        ~Darcy R (WI)