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    Okay ladies, I need some advice. I am soon to be 33 with two great children. My daughter will be four in February and my son will turn two this November. My husband and I have always wanted three children. We were going to start trying to conceive this summer when my IC symptoms appeared out of the blue this past May. I was diagnosed in August, and I currently take Hydroxzine, Imipramine, and I have been doing daily instills of Elmiron since the first of September. I have good days and bad days. I really want to have another baby, but my urologist wants to get the IC under control b/f I get pregnant. I'm a little concerned about how long that may take! I had really rather get off the meds now, complete my family & then concentrate on the IC. I realize that my IC could get worse during pregnancy, but that is a risk I am willing to take. As a compromise b/w what I want and want my urologist recommended, I have thought about giving the Elmiron 6 months to work and then trying for a baby. However, don't you have to stay on the elmiron to see improvement? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Brenda

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    Hi Brenda,

    I just found out this weekend I am probably pregnant--definitely not planned as I've been dealing with an IC diagnosis since early August. I've been taking Elmiron for 2 mos. and have seen incredible improvement with it, but I'm afraid I'm probably going to have to go off of it now. I see my Uro this week. In the meantime, I called my gynecologist this weekend (in a state of panic) and she assured me that it is a Class B pregnancy risk, which means I could stay on it with minimal risk if I feel I need it, but it would be preferrable if I stopped taking it. It's not a drug that you absolutely cannot be on. Anyway, I'm tapering back my dosage (and feeling terribly guilty every time I take a pill) and hope to come away from my Uro appt. with a new game plan for dealing with IC during pregnancy. I've seen great improvement with Elmiron, and had planned if I continued to feel good to try and conceive next year after I was off it. My Uro only planned on having me on it for six months, so I'm not so sure you'd have to be on it indefinitely to see benefit. I caught my IC pretty early, and it's my understanding the Elmiron coats the bladder lining, which helps it to heal. Since I'm not feeling pain/frequency anymore, I'm thinking it's healed, at least somewhat. I'm hoping if I continue to drink tons of water and stick to a strict IC diet, I won't flare too badly. Anyway, hope this info helps a little...I'll let you know what my Uro says.

    That which does not kill you, makes you stronger. --Friedrich Nietzsche


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      Brenda--good luck! Your IC might go into remission, that happens with IC and pregnancy in some cases.

      Jaime--congrats! What a precious miracle!
      Mommy to 2 crazy, wonderful kids and wife to the most amazing man in the world!


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        Its been awhile since I have been pregnant my youngest will be 4. I had been diagnosed with IC for two years when I got pregnant. I was havin dmso treatments which I had to stop on my obs orders not enough known about it during pregnancy. The first 3 months were hard except I was allowed to have heparin/lydocane installations my whole pregnancy which really started to work for me. So towards the end I went into remission and stayed in remision for several months.


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          Just a note to say that I was on my way to being Dxs'd in July of this year (had bladder probs since April and Dr suspected IC) when I got pregnant. I was only taking natural things for my bladder, so I did not have to stop any meds. I have been pretty good, with only 1 infection-I am 14 weeks along. I just watch what I eat ( a high alkaline diet) and things seem to be going a lot better than I thought. I just hope it continues! My Dr said 80% of people with IC will improve during pregnancy due to increase blood flow to the pelvic area...maybe it will be a good time to try!
          Best of luck!


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            Most people stay on Elmiron fors years. I took it for over a year, then stopped it for a pregnancy. I didn't have to begin it again till my son was 4 months old. It was great being in remission. In some cases moms who breastfeed continue their remission.
            Your doctor knows best. But you know your body better. You're far from old. So you have plenty of time to have another little one. (A friend of mine is 34 and just had her second. The hubby is 37.) Either way you go, you'll do great.
            Take care and keep us updated!
            Tons of support,

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              Thanks for the replies. It would be wonderful to have a baby and be in remission! I will probably give the elmiron 6 months and then talk to my uro about getting pregnant. For those of you who have personal experience with IC and pregnancy, keep posting! There are so many of us who love to hear about your pregnancies.



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                I am nine weeks pregnant now and when I found out I had been taking imipramine, started elmiron (for 3weeks) and had 2 DMSO treatments. I stopped all immediately (4 weeks ago) and have felt better than ever (knock on wood!!!!!). I was very afraid to stop my meds for fear of pain etc...but I have been really good. Good luck to you in your decision!!


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                  This question is for Amanda -

                  I was just curious as to what natural remedies you are using for your bladder. I've been treating my IC with Elmiron since August, but had to stop after finding out I'm pregnant. I was doing great on the Elmiron and I'm doing okay right now being off meds, but I'm a little scared flying "without a net." My uro said he can do the heparin/lydocaine instill if I really need it, but I want that to be my last resort, since it's still introducing chemicals into the body. I adhere pretty closely to the IC diet - does that differ from a "highly alkaline" diet? Any information you can give me would be much appreciated! Good luck with your pregnancy - I hope all is going well!


                  That which does not kill you, makes you stronger. --Friedrich Nietzsche


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                    By the way, as a follow-up to my earlier posting about Elmiron being "safe" during uro said there hasn't been enough research to deem it safe or unsafe, it's really an unknown at this time. My uro was quite adamant that I stop taking it immediately! My gyn/ob and pharmacist weren't as worried, but I'm going to err on the side of caution. Just an FYI...
                    That which does not kill you, makes you stronger. --Friedrich Nietzsche


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                      Thats how I felt when I found out I was pregnant. Flying without A net. As Long as you feel good I wouldn't take anything. My OB doctor researched everything for me before she allowed me to have heparin/lydocane instills and after the first trimester I was allowed to take pyridium if needed. I didn't need to take it very often but just knowing I could really helped me. I was also allowed to take Tylenol pm in the first trimester which is when I really had the most pain it only helped a little. I ended up with a healthy 7lb 6oz baby boy. I even had to take prednisone in the middle of my pregnancy because my asthma kicked in really bad. I think taking that was the scariest of all.