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Can ICers juggle a baby and a job?

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  • Can ICers juggle a baby and a job?

    Hi Folks-
    I'm doing pretty well with my IC now and am thinking about trying to have a baby soon. I'll have to go off my meds first- Elmiron, Elavil, Valium, which is going to take a few months at least and might be really hard. Then it's the question of do I try to keep working during pregnancy and then with a baby? I teach part-time at a University and love my job, but don't want to be in agony or be so stressed that my symptoms get really bad. Right now I can juggle IC and working part-time, but is it feasible to add a baby to a very full-load? The pre-IC me would definitely do the working mother thing, but I'm not so sure now. My husband says it's up to me. Are any of you out there working and putting your child in daycare?

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    Actually I had medical problems during pregnancy that had nothing to do with my IC. I had to quit work after 4 months pregnancy. And I haven't gone back since. My son was born 7 weeks premature so it's worked out that I get to be home.
    It's not easy though. I love doing it but our sacrifices are hubby works 1 to 2 hours more a day.
    My IC was pretty calm even up to now. So I say if you're ready then go for it. Even all the unexpected things that happened to me, I would do it again if I could.
    Good luck!
    Tons of support,

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      Talk to your MD about stopping your meds. You probably won't have to stop taking Elmiron, since it's a category B drug (safe during pregnancy).

      I was doing pretty well nannying part-time for an infant and his school aged siblings plus working full-time, but I don't know about parenting and working with IC. I hope to do it eventually.


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        Dear Jeanne,

        I do not have any children, though my mom has been a home day care provider for over ten years.

        She started working in a day care and then stated up her own in-home day care. Many people do not think of this option, but in many states in a home day care their is a better adult child ratio (she works alone and can have up to six children, depending on their ages), and there is the advantage of a more homey setting. It may be something to look into.

        Make sure the facility is licened; they have standards for food preparation and nutrition as well as safety. Another advantage is with a license you know no one living in the home has been convicted of a crime.

        I cannot speak for all who do this for a living, but my mom truly loves the children she watches and always goes above and beyond.



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          I agree withthe choice to do in home daycare. I have been doing this for 3 years. I am able to deal with my IC and be available for my children. I recommend making every parent have a back up sitter just incase you are illor your baby is ill. Limit your number of children to what you can finacially afford. This keep the home enviroment more cozy for the little ones.

          This has been a life saver career for my family.



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            I did home day care for almost 15 years. I truly enjoyed it. I was able to be home with my own children and I also home close to a potty at all times. It was great. If you set it up as a business and operate it as such, you can make very good money and still be at home. I know it is not for everybody, but it worked well for us.

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              I work full time. I have a 6 year old who has been in daycare since 8 months. She has thrived in the stimulating surroundings and is very close to me. I don't have a choice except to work since I'm divorced but I think I would go nutty if I didn't. I'm lucky I can work with IC though. I have moderate to severe IC but it's pretty much under control now. It was hell before I got it under control. Feel free to post to me if you like.


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                i am in my last trimester now, and wondering the same question, can i do it all... i had to stop working at 6 1/2 months because it became too difficult...drinking and peeing every 10 min. and you HAVE to keep drinking...i hope to resume work asap after delivery...but it all depends on how things go...we moved in with my parents to save money and to have choices...these decisions aren't easy, but i hear they are well worth it!


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                  I have an 8 month old son, work full time and have moderate IC. So it can be done. My husband picks up a huge amount of the daily chores and does the night feedings because I was so sleep deprived for many months. While I was prego, my IC was fairly under control. Towards the end when every other prego women complains about the frequency, it was no big deal to me and was only slightly more frequent than before. Right after delivery, for about 8 weeks, I could go several hrs without peeing. It may be mind over matter though, knowing that if I put Adam down so that I could pee, that he would wake up screaming. Adam is a high need child (aka fussy baby). I don't feel bad sending him to daycare because he loves it there. He is much more entertained there that he is at home. I did take extra time off from work, I was out 4.5 months- well worth it. What is hard is the fact I can't work late anymore, as daycare hates it when you show up late. I was always the employee who put in max effort at work and stayed late whenever necessary. Not true now. I often feel rushed to get my work done and get out. But when I get home, work no longer exists.
                  Its not too bad, and don't worry. You will have plenty of time to know your own situation and what would be the best. You may decide to quit working if you find out that its cheaper overall than paying for daycare. That tends to be a deciding factor for alot of people.

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