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How long off IC meds before conception?

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  • How long off IC meds before conception?

    Hi Folks-
    Just wondering how long you were advised to be off your IC medications before trying to conceive. I've heard various responses:

    uro: 2 months
    gyno: 6 weeks
    vulv specialist: Elmiron and Elavil are safe in pregnancy
    Parsons: stay on meds until definite conception
    IC friend: 3 months
    preg website: at least a month

    What have you been told?

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      Hi Jeanne,
      I hope others see your post and can help out...I know there are others who are *newly* pregnant, hopefully they'll see this and post their experience. Have you swapped notes from all those doctors you listed? Seems like a lot of conflicting information. I don't blame you for being curious *** to what others were told.

      I know I had to be off medication for 2 months before having major surgery... but that's not really the same, I guess.

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        I found out I was pregnant before I even thought of going off meds. (I was on IBS med and Elmiron.) I was already 7 weeks before going off mine. But it is frustrating to have every doctor with a different opinion. Maybe start somewhere in the middle??
        Oh and my son is a healthy 23month old.
        Maybe you can get some more opinions.
        Hugs to you! grouphug
        Tons of support,

        IC angel helping families in need for the holidays. [email protected]


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          I am wondering the same thing so I hope you get an answer. When you do, please post it. I am going to ask my uro too, but it will be a while before I see him.


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            Get used to it, every medical professional seems to have a different opinion about meds regarding anything (pregnancy and nursing esp.). I urge you to research the drugs yourself and take everyone's opinion under consideration, then make your own decision.

            My family practice dr once told me that since the baby doesn't actually "hook up" to your bloodstream until a couple weeks after you find out you're pregnant, anything you take before that is okay (ie, while you're trying to get pregnant). However, some drugs have a long half-life in your body and you need to find out how long they actually stay in your body to help you figure out how long before hand you need to stop taking them. I'm not sure the bloodstream theory is completely correct though. I know Ibuprofen/Naproxen/Aspirin, are now thought to cause increased miscarriage risk even if taken at conception.

            I think looking at each drug individually and figuring out how safe it is during pregnancy, and why it is/isn't safe (in other words, what is the danger of taking it during pregnancy), is a good first step. Then, if you need to stop taking it during pregnancy, look at how long it remains in the body to determine how far in advance you need to stop. Does that make sense?

            All that being said, some (most) drs don't want you to take anything during pregnancy, especially the first trimester. Sometimes they weigh the benefits vs. the risks, and allow some meds (ie pain meds on a limited basis). My perinatologist actually encouraged me to take Elmiron while I was pregnant to help settle my IC down. I didn't, but she looked the drug up in her big book and said the composition of it looked safe and she felt comfortable with it. I am going to post another post about Elmiron, because I'm considering taking it again and want to see what other drs have said.

            Good luck to you! I hope I haven't confused you further...there really aren't any easy answers.
            ~Darcy R (WI)