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    I don't know where to start. First I'm frustrated because the dr. who delivered my first child has stopped delivering because insurance had become too high to deliver anymore. So I started my dr. hunt today for a new dr. who will deliver me when I eventually get pregnant and to find out why I'm not having periods on my own. So dr. #1 is a woman. I'm thinking great she is going to be great a woman. She is going to be for VBAC. WRONG. First thing she tells me is you know since you had a C-section the first time you'll need one this next time too. Ok she lost me there. That really made me mad and upset. So now the dr. hunt continues. Can someone tell me how I can find a good ob/gyn? One who will let me attempt to do a VBAC without wasting all my time and money. None of my friends have had babies recently or if they have they had used my old doctors which are no longer an option. I just don't know what to do. So anybody got any suggestions?????

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    Just a thought, but you might try telephoning your local hospital and asking to speak to a nurse in the OB section --- then ask the nurse if she knows of anyone.

    Another suggestion would be to telephone physician offices and ask the question. You may not get an answer, but that in itself can be the answer.

    Good luck!
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      I know some of our major hospitals in my area have a local phone number you can call for general health questions. And they can put you in touch with different doctors also. Maybe call your local hospital and ask for suggestions?

      Or like Donna said start with the yellow pages in your phone book.

      Lots of luck,
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        Sometimes groups like La Leche League have members who are aware of doctors out there who would be more in favor of VBAC. Maybe you could check with them???

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          Ok I tried to post this morning but it wouldn't let me. My problem is that the local hospital just closed its ob section. My doctor and every doctor stopped delivering here. SO the closest place to be delivered is an hour and fifteen minutes away and then there are over 4 hospitals that deliver. So last night after I posted I called some of my friends who had babies at the hospitals there 8 years ago but still use their doctors. I came up with a name and I called my family doctor who said he was good. So now I have an appt. to check him out next Friday. I'll let you all know what he says. Feeling better about this situation now. If this one fails I do have the name of one more dr. Hopefully one of these will work out.
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            Hey, Kristy! My family lives in Kosciusko, and I think it is such a shame that the doctors aren't able to deliver any more. They are such caring doctors, and I'm sorry you won't be able to have the same doc deliver your second child. Also, if you don't have good luck with this doc, feel free to pm me or email me at [email protected] and I can get the names of docs that delivered for my friends who live in Kosy. My sister-in-law drove to Starkville and delivered my niece there last year. My best friend has a great doc at Woman's Hospital on Lakeland Drive in Jackson. Just let me know and I can get the names for you! Meanwhile, you're in my prayers!
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              I understand your frustration about finding a dr that meets your needs. I would just keep calling the ones in your area until you find one you like. I have three friends who had c-sections for their first baby and delivered vaginally the second time. I have no idea what that dr was telling you. But since I have not had a child yet, I am no expert.


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                I knew when I read the first sentence in your post that it was Mississippi you were referring to. My cousin lives in Greenwood and delivered in Memphis. Given your possible needs, I'd go to Jackson or Memphis. I know its a terrible pain, but that's the shape of our health care system. Good luck.


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                  Are you planning to deliver in Jackson? If so, I can probably provide you with some names of good doctors, since that's where I'm located. My husband went to med school here.


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                    Thanks to all for your replies. I think I may have found someone who is open to the idea. Mississippi is going through a tough time right now with doctors. It has really frustrated me. For those who emailed me from MS. I would love some more names just in case this one doesn't want to. He seemed open to the idea but I'm scared he said that because my husband told him that is what i wanted.