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Staying on Elmiron?

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  • Staying on Elmiron?

    Has anyone considered or stayed on Elmiron while they were pregnant? I am getting ready to get pregnant this summer and I recently went off Elmiron and Elavil. I think I can live without the Elavil, but I'm regretting getting off the Elmiron. I think I can make it through the 9 months with Elmiron. Any advice?

    Thanks, Shelby

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    I have similar concerns, too, and live a few towns away from you so I'd love to compare notes. My gyno (Dr. Elizabeth Stewart who wrote "The V Book") said it's okay to stay on Elmiron (Category B) and even Elavil (some recent study said it was okay) but I don't really want to chance it. How about going back on the Elmiron once the first trimester is over? Send me a private e-mail if you like.


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      Shelby baby
      I to thought I could go without Elmiron, and it took only 3 months and I am worse then before I started taking it. We are also trying to have a baby, and my doc. has put me back on Elmiron with my consent, I have been 10 times as bad since it wore off, and I can't wait for it to kick back in and work. Please talk to you doctor, before youtake our advice. This is a personal decision that i had to make for myself


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        prenatal vitamins and elimron

        I just recently found out that I am pregnant and have decided with my doctor to remain on elmiron-so far so good. My only concern is the prenatal vitamins. Is there any other vitamins we can take seperatley that will benefit us and eliminate the pain?


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          i was told to go off it and elavil when we were ttc. but that was about 3 years ago when i was given that advice. things may have changed.

          i have found the twin-lab brand of vitamins to be easy on my bladder. i dont' know if they have a pre-natal though. i just buy all the different ones i need and take them throughout the day.
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            My hubby and I are trying to conceive. My ob/gyn said she had no issues with me staying on Elmiron both now and during pregnancy. She indicated it did not cross the placenta and even adviced me to stay on it becauce getting in a lot of pain could cause stress to both the baby and me.

            I might try tapering off it when I find out I'm pregnant just to see if I can do without it. I'm not sure yet. But, if I need to stay on it, I feel ok about it. It's such a personal decision and different people have different views. Good luck!


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              I came off elmiron when trying to concieve and by the end of my first trimester I was in agaony. The ob/gyn said I never should have came off of it. That it is a safe drug to take during pregnancy. I preceded to go back on it for the rest of my pregnancy and gave a birth to a beautiful, healthy, baby boy who is now 3 months. My advice is to stay on it but it certainly is a personal decision. Ann
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                I can't even believe how happy I am to read this post. My fiancee and I are going to start trying after our wedding in May...but I started taking Elmiron a couple months ago and love it- I wasn't sure I wanted to risk going off of it, even though fertility is an issue and it would be best to try sooner rather than later. I am so glad to hear that this worked out for you!

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                  Laura, I'm so glad that I was able to help you out. That makes me feel really good. Congratulations on your wedding and good luck with the baby making! The pregnancy was so well worth it! My son has become such a blessing. I hope this for you also. Love, Ann
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