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    anyone considering adoption out there? It is becoming very clear that that will be our route to parenthood. My husband is so "subfertile" (nobody says infertile anymore it seems because technoloogy can go so far to change nature, it's a bit unsettling to me)that in order to have even a fourty percent chance of impregnating me, I'd have to take fertility drugs like Lupron and Clomid and then produce twenty eggs in one cycle instead of the usual one. Frankly, the usual one is often too much for me. I"d also have to get off my meds again which I would do if we could just do this normally and then I wouldn't get off unless I knew I was pregnant. Anyway, that won't be happening and mostly- I'm fine with that. I really believe that we are meant to adopt.

    Is anyone else embarking on this path? Does anyone else have discomfort with extreme methods of conception in spiritual and or medical senses? I am not judging people who choose to take drugs and do invitro and ICSI and all that. I am just saying it is so not for me. It feels like getting involved in something where I don't belong and it seems like I'd feel I was contributing to an imbalance in the enviromemt which is already very out of wack.
    I am very interesting in communicating with people who have adopted newborns in open adoptions here in the states or from foriegn asian countries. Although my husband is Chinese-American and I am white Jewish American from eastern european descent, we are currently leaning away from China because we would both prefer to have a boy. What the hell- if we're on this adoption journey, we may as well put our dreams out there. We think we'd like an Asian or eurasiaon healthy newborn son. We will love him like crazy and he will have the best of life. Of course we'd love a girl like crazy too but at this point I figure I'd rather avoid the whole mother-daughter thing- I've had enough of that for this lifetime.
    Any advice? Any people you would care to refer me to hear about their experiences? I'd really appreciate it. I think this summer is the time we will begin to get seriouc about things but we are in no rush. We want to do this right.

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    Hello Hon,

    Although I have not journed the path of adoption, I might some day since having a hysterectomy several years ago for endometriosis. I have no children of my own but I consider adoption the most sacred of a committment to a child. God often plans alternative routes to parenthood and adoption is only one of those avenues. Right now, I am blessed to be the "aunt" that all the kids in my family love. I get to buy the nice presents and do all the "fun" things. Just this past Saturday, my 7 year old nephew and I spend the entire day at the beach. Just the two of us! I nearly fell out laughing when he said, "Aunt Sherry, I sure hope you never get married." I said, "and why not." My nephew replied, "well you know, some husband you get might not let you spend all your money on me. He would want some of it." Out of the mouths of babes! I'm telling you being an aunt has also been a blessing. Even if I never adopt, I am thankful God put my nieces and nephews in my life. I say press forward and offer some poor child in need of a family the opportunity of a lifetime!




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      Hey Hon,

      The greatest thing that you and your husband will ever do in this lifetime is make a difference in the life of a child in need.



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        Hi Julie,

        I am so excited that you are considering this avenue to have children. I was married 12 years ago and my husband and I were able to get pregnant withing weeks of our wedding. We were blessed with our first daughter after a VERY hard pregnancy and then 3 years later we were able to have a son and that pregnancy was equally as difficult. Both pregnancies ended early and with complications.

        When my son was one and a half I had to have a hysterectomy. We felt like the surgery needed to be done but we really wanted more children....4 or 5. Just as I was wheeled into surgery my husband said, "Someday we will adopt"! It gave me peace. So we waited until it felt 'right' and in January of this year we knew it was time. So we started by having a home study done by a private social worker who was not affiliated with any single agency. Our home study was completed in March and we got our beautiful bi-racial baby boy on April 13.

        Julie, I have had it both ways and I have to say that adoption is just as wonderful as having them yourself, but without all the sickness, bedrest, and pain.

        I am sure you did not want my life story sorry I just had to tell you how completely wonderful our experience has been and how much love we have for this little one. I hope that things will move quickly for you as they did for us.

        If you have any other questions or if you want to talk you can email me at [email protected]


        "Faith precedes the Miracle"


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          HI I was adopted when I was 3 days old.This was the greatest thing that ever happened to me .They are my true mother and father even if they aren't blood.I had the best childhood anyone could ask for and I know I will never be able to repay them for giving me a family and a home.
          I think adoption is a wonderful thing,it saved my life!!

          If you have any questions feel free to email me at alabamab[email protected] and I will be glad to talk to you about this

          Lots of prayers,