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Treatments available if want to get pregnant soon?

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  • ICNLesa
    We had been trying to conceive when I was diagnosed in '96 but my symptoms became so severe I didn't feel I'd be able to handle pregnancy at that time. We decided to put the baby idea on hold until I felt better. For the next year I took Elmiron, went through some DMSO treatments and learned about diet and other ways I could manage my symptoms. I knew that I wanted to have a med-free pregnancy so when I felt we could start trying to conceive again, I talked to my doctor and stopped all meds and treatments. I did get pregnant and although some days were rather difficult without my meds, it ultimately wasn't as bad as I anticipated. (My pregnancy diary is online here at ICN if you'd like to read it.)

    I think that being prepared and informed was the best thing I did for myself and my pregnancy. I took care of myself, rested when I needed to and kept communication open with my OB and Uro. I also found comfort in chatting with other pregnant IC'ers here.

    Best of luck on your journey!


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  • saptree
    started a topic Treatments available if want to get pregnant soon?

    Treatments available if want to get pregnant soon?

    I'm at a point in my life where I'm trying to straighten out priorities. When I was told I had endo (not true), I was preparied to start a family ASAP because being pregnant was part of the treatment, and the sooner you have kids, the sooner can have a hysto. Anyways, now I have a new job that I enjoy, got married 4 months ago, and found out that I have IC.
    So, is there treatments that I could start now that would still allow me to get pregnant a year from now? Or do I go thru a treatment (like DMSO), try to achieve pain relief, then try for a child?
    Or do I just try for a child right now, and say screw the job, and start IC treatment after having a child? (problem being with this is that I'm in moderate pain NOW, and the "act" of having a child is very painful).
    I know the true answers have to come from within me in the end, but what kind of short term (1yr or less) treatments are out there?

    Sherry (saptree)