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Pain Meds and Pregnancy

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  • Pain Meds and Pregnancy

    Hi guys:

    I am considering pregnancy, but I am scared about the consequences of taking pain meds. At what time during pregnancy is it safer to take medication, and what does one do if one absolutely needs to take them? Is pregnancy out of the question for me?

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    I didn't see any responses to your question so I thought I'd try to answer. Your best bet is to talk to your dr (an OB preferably) and your urologist and see what they can come up with for you. No, pregnancy isn't out of the question. It is possible to take meds during pregnancy and do other things to alleviate your pain too. Talk to an OB and if you need to, even get another opinion. Who knows? You might even be one of the lucky ones and your IC might go into remission during pregnancy!

    ~Darcy R (WI)


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      Hi! I am 4 mos pregnant right now. At first my Ob doctor was allowing me to take Tylenol #3 for pain but, then they quit giving it to me. I was in so much pain without anything so I called the Ob and told them how much pain I was in so they gave me a small amount of Tylenol #3 to tide me over until I had my appointment with a perinatologist. I explained everything to him and he said that Darvocet is perfectly safe while you are pregnant. I have heard of someone with IC taking Tylenol #3 everyday during their pregnancy and they were just fine. All doctors say different things it seems like about pain meds while you are pregnant. When you do become pregnant just let the Ob doctor know that you have a serious bladder disease that is very painful and that you need something safe for pain while you are pregnant. They can either prescribe it for you or allow your uro to prescribe it for you. There are safe pain meds to take while you are pregnant, don't worry. Pregnancy is not out of the question!



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        I read your message today. I am new to the board but not new to IC. I have lived with IC since the age of 3; I was diagnosed in 1986 when I was 17 years old. I am now 33. I am so happy to see from the thread that many women, such as Marie, are having children. I have known for many many years that was not an option for me. I never considered pregnancy, as my symptoms are much too bad for that. (With Detrol, I urinate every 40 minutes; that is if I have had no fluids) Anyway, my husband and I have planned for many years to adopt a child; we are just waiting for that call. It is an option, not for everyone, but for some.


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          Pregnancy And Pain Meds

          I Am Worried About The Effects That Taking Loocet And Xanax Has On And Unborn Child.
          It Is Not My Baby But It Will Be My Neice That Will Suffer. My Sister In Law Takes These Meds Without A Prescription. I Dont Think Her Dr. Knows That She Takes Them.
          I Have Called And Reported Her To Every Agency I Can Think Of But They All Tell Me That The Baby Is Not A Person So There Is Nothing They Can Do.
          She Takes Them Everyday And More Than A Doctor Would Advise And Has Done This For 7 Years Now
          . I Have Seen Her Take Up To 5 Pills At A Time. I Have Tried To Take To My Brother About The Effects On The Baby And He Tells Me It Is None Of My Business.
          This Poor Baby Has No Choice Of What Is Going Into It System At This Point. Can Someone Tell Me If I Am Just Over Reacting Or I Am I Right To Worry About What Is Happening To This Baby.
          She Is Now 7 1/2 Months Along.
          I Pray That She Will Be A Healthy Baby But I Still Worry About It All The Time.
          Please Any Answers Would Be Helpful At This Point.