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    My doctor say to not even think about getting pregnant because of illness and meds. I take Driptane (oxybutynini hydrochloridum) and imipramin. Before these meds I couldn't walk and wanted to leave this world. We don't have any children and were trying before the whole IC thing. I can't imagine stopping the meds, but I also can't imagine not having kids. Help!

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    I feel so bad for you.Is there a chance you can get off your meds to try after all it is your choice.But only if you can handle it physicaly & emotionaly.
    If not there are other options out there like someone else having a baby for you using them just as a carrier.I know I have had alot of problems with pregnancy and my sister-in law offered to do this for me.My husband is not ready for that & getting to old,LOL Kidding.
    Their is so many children out there that need homes desperatly,adoption is always out there.
    I hope you do some soul searching and see what happens give it some thought before you jump into it.
    God bless you.Hang in there we are all here for you any time.Take care & good luck,
    Zookeeper Kim
    Animals are very comforting when
    pain & life gets you down...

    Keep your head held high and don't let any thing bring you down.


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      You might want to try a 2nd opinion or have a deeper talk with this doctor about your desire to be pregnant; imipramine is not good during pregnancy but it is a tricyclic antidepressant and there are numerous other in this catagory that pose less of a pregnancy risk. If you can find a doctor who is more sympathetic to your desire to be pregnant, perhaps he could slowly work to change your meds and/or wean you to a lower dose or off. If your doctor is trying to tell you that no one with IC should be pregnant, meds or no meds, he is just plain wrong...he cannot predict if pregnancy will cause your IC to be better, worse, or just the same. I am in the midst of my 2nd "IC pregnancy" and doing just fine. I hope you pursue this issue further. --K.


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        Thanks for the advice. I have to defend my doctor though. He is the first doctor to really listen to me and try to help. I tried to put it lightly when I described my pre-med condition. When we met the first time, he was afraid that I would die from sheer lack of will to live. On the other hand, he thinks that I will be able to be weaned off the meds in time. But I'm not getting any younger. That's my point. I'll keep up my med routine and when the time comes just stop them and do it. I survived (barely) over one year without any relief. I could do it again.