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Pregnancy with Indiana Pouch??

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  • Judith
    I tried to email her, but it came back to me saying it was not a valid address. Please let her know that there a great website at It is devoted to ostomates and there is a section there about pregnancy. It is run my ostomates for ostomates. She can also go to This site is for people who have continent pouches. Hope this is helpful. Judith

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  • icnmgrjill
    started a topic Pregnancy with Indiana Pouch??

    Pregnancy with Indiana Pouch??

    I received this from a patient in Netherlands who was having trouble posting on the board. I hope that some of you can help her - Jill
    My name is yvonne and i come from the netherlands. Sorry my english is not so good in writing i hope you understand what i’m writing.

    I would ask on your memberboard i’ve there are in american woman with an indiana pouch they have been pregnant.

    I want to get pregnant but i don’t now wat the complications are and what i can expect during the pregnacy. Here in Holland is there nobody found with an indiana pouch and have childeren or pregnant during the pouch. Please can you help me.

    A lots of thanks. My e-mailadres: [email protected]