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  • Thanks and HELP!!!!!

    Hi everyone!! Thanks for all of your well wishes on my last post. Nikky, Good luck I am keeping my fingers crossed for both of us and all the other wanna be pregnant ICers. Anyway, I have been off meds for about a week now and I am hurting bad. Hubby and I tried to "make" our baby the other day and that is adding to my pain and discomfort. I am having a bad bout of depression today. I am having a major flare on top of a bladder infection. Sex has always been a downfall for me, I am usually paying the price of it for weeks. But now that my meds. have stopped I feel worse then I ever have. Does anyone have any suggestions in how to get through this? My frequency and urgency have tripled and my stomach is killing me and I feel sick to my stomach from the infection and the flare. Sorry to be such a downer, I knew it would be tough but I guess I didn't expect it to be so hard already. Thanks for listening. Hubby is being sooooo supportive also. Good luck to all of you who are pregnant or are trying, It is not an easy road to travel.!!


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    I am so sorry you are having pain. Keep your chin up. I am 32 weeks pregnant and taking uriced because elmiron big no no. Don't get discouraged after I stopped the elmiron it took about four to six months for hubby and I to conceive. Talk to Dr about other alts that are safe during preg.


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      I sympatize with you so much Becky!!! In my case, the pain came back after 4 days of stopping Elmiron... At first, I got really scared but I`ve calm down since... If I have a bad day, it usualy gets better in the evening (maybe after drinking like crazy all day!!!) and I can sleep a few hours comfortably... When I have pain at 4-5 am, I put cold on my belly (heat is a big no-no if you are pregnant: it may causes miscarrige) and I can fall asleep for a little while... The important thing for me is not to panic (easyer said than done !!!) But until now, I can tolerate the pain even if it`s really bad sometimes during the day... As long as I can sleep!!! And I try to think about this little baby that may already be inside of me! I can`t wait to find out in a few weeks if this month was a succes! But I don`t get my hopes too high ( took 3 months to get pregnant whit my 3 year old son...) And I tell myself that if it gets too hard to tolerate, I can always start the Elmiron when I`m sure that it didn`t work (but I would be really dissapointed if that was the case... ) And if it worked, I tell myself that I`m gonna have only 8 months left to take it one day at the time... I was really anxious and depressed these last few weeks but now that I have this motivation (this little baby to think of) I pray that it worked! My bowel is giving me more trouble than my bladder these days. I went to see an acupuncturist (don`t know if that spelled right: I`m french don`t forget!!! loll). She knew a little about IC and told me that she could help me with my pain and my IBS... She didn`t promise me a cure or anything: she was really realistic and reassuring about it. I just loved her and I have an apointment tomorrow: I can`t wait! I figure I have nothing to lose except a few $$. It`s worth a try!
      I know I sound very optimistic but I know I`m gonna have my "down" days... And I honestly don`t know if I`m gonna keep on trying next month if it didn`t work this time. I`ll decide when the time comes. Let`s hope we are both lucky and get what we want so badly!!!

      Sending you all my wishes!


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        {{{{{Becky}}}}}} I am so sorry about all of are motivated and brave...take it one day at a time.

        Could you ask the doctor about Tylenol or even Junior Tylenol? Also Epsom salts baths seem to relieve things temporaritly for me if I don't stay in too long....

        Heating pads?


        Let us know... Gentle hugs. Julie B
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