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Elmiron and Pregnancy?

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  • Elmiron and Pregnancy?

    I am going to try getting pregnant in about a year, but I'm really worried about how Elmiron will affect my pregnancy if, say, I got pregnant by mistake before that period. OR if it's okay to take Elmiron during pregnancy. How long would you have to be off it before conceiving? I asked my urologist and he didn't know how it would affect a pregnancy, and I did some web research and found conflicting information.

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    Hi Jenrobin,

    There have been quite a few questions on this topic -- for more information you could check both under the Elmiron and Pregnancy boards.

    If your urologist doesn't know about Elmiron and pregnancy, your pharmacist should know. My urologist told me that there haven't been any long-term, in-depth studies on the issue of Elmiron during pregnancy, due to the obvious ethical issues.

    Both my urologist and family doctor have recommended going off Elmiron for a number of months prior to getting pregnant. If your urologist doesn't know about this, I would suggest talking to your family doctor, pharmacist, and even another urologist (they really should know about this). Or you could contact the pharmaceutical company directly.

    Good luck!

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