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Scared, But wanting a Baby

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  • Scared, But wanting a Baby

    Hi Everyone
    I too am considering pregnancy. I know this is a decision I have to make on my own. I would appreciate any advice though. I am 37 yrs old and I feel if I am going to do this, I want to decide soon. There are a few factors I am concerned with. My IC Pain is none -to moderate at times, I have more problems with the frequency. I was on Elimron for 7 months,I noticed no change, so the Dr. said I should go off. I did. Now from what I read, I wish I would have give it more time. But that is past and I am sure I could try again. Right now I am on nothing for my IC. In the past I took ditopanXL , Dmso,nothing helped with frequency. The other issue is I am on Xanax for anxiety and have been for few yrs. As much as I want a child, I fear what will happen if I come off Xanax, its bad enough to deal with IC.And I am afriad what will happen if IC gets worst. I know alot of woman go into remission,but its the after birth Im afraid I want to be able to take care of my baby. I wish I had a crystal ball I could ask so I'd know the right answer.But unfortunately I don't. I wish I wasnt so scared.I dont want to look back on my life 1 day and say I should of and its to late.Thanks for listening-JOJO

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    Hi Jojo,

    Just want to weigh in with my two cents' worth...Although I do not have a dx, I suffer from frequency and urgency and (very occasionally) burning. These symptoms came on full-force after the birth of my baby girl Francesca. I just want to tell you that being a mom IS very possible even with these symptoms. Sure there are some rough days but i think every mom has those. It was actually easier when she was first born. Now she's two and it's more of a challenge when I'm feeling irritable, but I do OK. Don't give up on your dream if it's what you want.

    Even if I do get a dx I'm going to have at least one more child...if I can't do it myself I will adopt. And I was always such a worrier about my own that I have someone else to worry about it takes the focus off of me, which is great!

    Wishing you all the best as you make your decision, Susan


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      I just had my baby 4 months ago. My IC is bad! Elmiron makes it "livable" but I still have burning all the time. :eek: But, as far as being a mother, it isn't a problem at all! I have to agree with the above post, that all of my focus is on him, I hardly even have time to think about how bad it is. I just go on with my day, and it isn't hard to do at all. I deffinatly plan on having atleast one more.
      As far as the anti-anxiety medicine, I honestly don't know. You would have to discuss this with your doctor. I think that if this is truely the desire of your heart, then go for it! Children truely are a blessing from God, and he can help you through this.
      Good Luck and God Bless,


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        Hi JOJO,

        I know, this is tough, isn't it? I was diagnosed in Feb and am trying to conceive a baby. I'm taking fertility meds to help me ovulate, and my IC is pretty bad and it seems to be getting more painful. It wasn't a hard decision to make because I really want another child. I actually started the process of being tested medically and preparing to take the meds before I got sick w/IC. I thought about dropping the baby thing, when it all seemed too hard, but through prayer and seeking God's will for my life, I realized that, for me, having another child would be worth the effort and the struggle. I am a bit intimidated, but my faith in God helps a lot, and I have a great support group of friends available to help me through this. This whole process has been hard - sex triggers painful falres for me, the fertility meds come with some disturbing side effects, and giving up pain meds once I am pregnant (Oh God, please help me go into a remission!!!) is scary. But, I guess I feel like God and I can handle what ever comes my way - He promised that He would always be with me, and I trust Him. My first pregnancy was a nightmare because I had morning sickness 24 hours a day and kept getting dehydrated, I had sciatica and my blood pressure shot up at the end - but I was the happiest pregnant woman you ever saw 'cause after 6 years of infertility, I was receiving the desire of your heart. I would say that if you search your heart, and you find that a baby is the desire, the passion, the joy of your heart, then you'll be able to handle the pregnancy. Also, check with your doctor about the Xanax and share your concerns with him/her. Blessings to you as you bravely consider motherhood -
        Love, Kelly
        "It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect. He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; He enables me to stand on the heights."
        Psalm 18:32 - 33


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          Pregnancy I was not planning. I too was on Elmiron for about a year. My uro told me if I ever became pregnant, I would have to stop it. That was very scary when I found out I was. Elmiron helped alot after 6mths. Now I'm 91/2 wks pregnant. The only flare I've had was drinking o.j. I don't now. As for the zanax I'm not familiar with. Whatever you decide, we'll be here for you.
          Your sister IC'er,
          Tons of support,

          IC angel helping families in need for the holidays. [email protected]


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            Oh...I'm sooooo happy to have found this message board! This was one of my BIGGEST concerns! JoJo, I am in the same position...and from what I'm hearing it's a go for us who want a baby! I'm game if you are! Really, it is scary and the pain can be I haven't even had sex with this yet...scared to do so.....any thoughts anyone? Anyway, JOJO, good luck and please keep me posted how things are going. I'm going to keep trying and see for myself. Keep smiling and as the others say have faith! Support is the best medicine!