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    I have heard that pregnancy can sometimes put you into remission......just a thought
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      Here's as positive thought... lots of people are at their healthiest, while pregnant. Let's all pray and hope for eachother- and not let 'fear' get in the way of a beautiful life.

      Take a moment and pause... aren't we all okay 'right now'? In this moment? The present is perfect.


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        Just look at us "old timers" who had babies when we didn't have a clue there was a name to what was wrong with us. When I had my two in the early 70's I had one dr tell me that I have a very serious bladder condition and anytime I would need a physical done my urine HAD to be cultured. Yea, right. I was 20. What did I know? And, what dr was going to listen to me? I truly believed that everyone lived in the pain I always had and didn't find out till I was 47 how many times a 'normal' person goes to the bathroom Yes, I did have alot of down time. Yes, I remember the X calling me lazy or coming home from work saying "is that all you managed to do today" I didn't have a clue I was sick cuz nobody ever told me I was eek eek

        Have your babies. There are plenty of kids that grow up with their parent/parents have alot worse things than IC to deal with.

        wishing you the very very best~
        Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".


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          Hey I just read what you wrote about worring about having a child and I wanted to tell you that you are not alone. I am only 20 years old but the one thing I have always wanted is a child of my own. I helped raise two children already and even though I am ready I know my fiance isn't. He has told me that If I get pregnant then of course he would marry me and stuff b/c he is military so I know he couldn't run, but what if it does make me worst. I also have ic but the worst part is that I have endometriosis too. I have had three laser surgery's in a year and it sucks. I have seen probably 10 obgyns an am still now searching for one that knows a lot about both probalems and it seems noone knows anything. The last doc told me that sents the endo keeps getting workst that i will probably have to have hysterectimi in like a year. So believe me I am scared too. Like you I want to just risk it all and have one now. Because i already know that my fertility isn't too great b/c of all the surgeries I have already had. So if you want to chat you can email me. I do know how you feel. The ones that haven't been there says it is easy but yet it is one of the hardest things in life for a women to know that she might not be able to have her own child.
          Jenny Roffe


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            I look at things like this. If you guys want a baby then have a baby. It seems we are all stuck with IC for awhile so might as well live our lives ....right..? I know I have 2 little girls and i would have them again regardless of the pain, misery, and suffering I would have to go thru. Once you hold that little baby it will all be worth it. Good Luck!