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  • sex question ladies help...

    Hello ladies, ok I was wondering if you guys can tell me the best condoms to buy that are lubricant and spermicidal possibly that are IC FRIENDLY and also recommend a lubricant that will not affect the condom that also isnt one of those wierd warm lubricants etc just a regular one ...Also any of u guys can tell me what positions are best that are less painful..Your help is very much appreciated.:bow I wasnt sure where to post this

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    Hi nevergiveup,

    I would use non latex condoms, they are called Supra, they are not spermicidal but that might be better, coulod be less irritating. The lube I recommend is Sliquid H20. It's glycerine free. You can find it online.


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      my doc says girl on top is best cuz it reduces the friction on youre urethra.... i just dont have sex that often cuz of my IC i dont like condoms either i get the depo shot but im also in a magnogomous relationship (including living with) and have been for over a year me and my partner have both been tested and as for lube use wats natural try your or his spit


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        I use KY jelly and it gives me no problem. I also have VV so im more worried about that than my IC. ky jelly is sold almost everywhere and fairly inexpensive.
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