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    Hi All, My husband and I are thinking about bringing a child into the world.....the only thing stopping us at this juncture is my IC. I was diagnosed this past March and have done pretty well controlling my symptoms by following the IC diet VERY strictly and taking Cystoprotek. Oh, and I completely avoid intercourse b/c I am terrified of an infection or a flare. This all makes having a baby nearly impossible and very terrifying! How does your body and bladder handle all of the intercourse it takes to make a baby? I guess the joy of becoming a possible parent needs to outweigh the fear of a flare or infection. I will be darned if I'm going to let my IC get in the way of my life long dream of becoming a mom. I don't even know where to start. Does anyone else have these same fears? If so, do you have any tips on how to handle them? I believe my last flare was due to intercourse.....which of course doesn't help. I don't want my IC to win this battle! The fear of the unknown is killing me. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks for reading. I hope you all are well!

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    Love my children!

    I’m not to sure how bad your IC is but for me. I usually get 1 really bad flare every month, other than that I am pretty fine. Also sex is fine for me, but if I get an orgasam I usually flare. I also wanted to tell you that when I was pregnant I did not get my usual monthly flare, I think I only had 1 or 2 flares during the ENTIRE pregnancy. I do feel bad for my kids when I am on the toilet for about 3 days straight alot of times they are keeping me company in the bathroom. Sometimes I stay under the blanket too cuddled up with them. The only thing is I really depend on my husband during these times. He is a great support.


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      you dont say what treatments your uro has you on.
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        I know we've had members who have babies --- some have reported remission throughout pregnancy and some have had difficult pregnancies --- but I've never seen a post by anyone who regretted it after they have their little ones.

        My children were born before my IC --- my first pregnancy was awful --- the other two were actually a pleasant experience.

        Stay safe

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          Thanks for the Input!

          I am trying to get it in my head that some people have a wonderful experience with IC and pregnancy....and I could be one of those lucky people Right now I am just sticking strictly to the IC diet (it literally gave me my life back) and I take Cystoprotek. I was given a script for Elmiron and Elivil when I was diagnosed, but I wanted to try and do this without the use of those meds. So far I have done alright. I feel like I'm back to 80% of my old self. I feel like most of the damage that remains is psychological. I am afraid to stop taking the Cystoprotek while trying to get pregnant (because it could REALLY be helping me). I guess that all these fears just come with the territory. I am also on B.C. which I'm not sure if that is helpful to IC or I will actually do better off of it. I am going to make an apt with my URO/GYNO and I am hoping he can offer me some direction, because right now I just feel really scared! Not so much of the pregnancy part....but all of the intercourse that it will take to get to that point. I fear a UTI or a flare up from all of the intercourse. That is the one area of my life that I haven't gotten back to where I was before just yet


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            I was in remission during my entire pregnancy and ive only had a few minor flare ups since he was born. Kaleb will be a year old in a few weeks! Good luck to you!
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