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    My husband and I have been tring to conceive for two years with no luck. The only thing I am taking for my IC is Prelief. I tried taking clomid for 5 months but this hurt my stomach. Does anyone know the pro's and con's of assisted reproduction procedures or drugs. We really want a family, and will adopt if that's our better option. baby
    Thanks, we can really use some advise! banghead

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    Hi ! i dont want to give u the wrong idea but we are all diffrent! My hubby and i did treatment for three years with no luck! I went to get another oppion and had a lap done last Nov to find out that we never had a chance! We did about 9 to 12 rounds of artificial insenenation! To later find out that both my tubes were blocked! The first doc dio me wrong and never did a accurate test to check my tubes! We are now seeing a new specialist who i trust completley! He just did some sugery on April 29th ! He had to remove my left tube because it was so dammaged and had to tie of the right because of the old dammage there to! our only chance now is invitro! My only concern is the fiterlity drugs and how will they affect my IC! I see the doc tomorrow and will find out more! Its a big decision but i look at it this way Its my only chance to have a child of my own and I dont want to look back and think what if ! I hope my experience has helped u in any way if u need to talk more feel free to private message me ! all the best Luv Sandra! grouphug