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what does it feel like when?

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  • what does it feel like when?

    Hi ladies, I am now ending my 37th week with my 1st pregnancy, and am terrified about labor and how i will be able to tolerate the pain until i get the epidural... i am really worried about how it will feel on my bladder during Labor...and before then, what will it feel like when the baby "drops"??? Is there intense pressure on the bladder, more so than the usual flare?

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    Hi Beth! When I was about 26 weeks pregnant I became sick with eosinophilic cystitis-it's like ic. I did have pain from that point on. However, during the actual pushing, it wasn't terrible-I did not seem to have very intense pressure on the bladder. You probably won't notice it-so much will be happening! I don't know if you can request pitocin, but that really worked for me. I was only in labor for 3.5 hrs and I pushed for 12 minutes. Good luck-let me know how it goes!

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      Pitocin is not a good solution for everyone, and you may want to read up on it or speak with a certified nurse midwife about what would work best for you.

      As a warning, epidurals tend to slow labor which leads to an increase in the likelihood that you'll be forced into a c-section. You have a little bit of time to research nonchemical pain management techniques, so that's a consideration.


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        Congratulations on your soon-to-be-here little one!

        I would just say, try not to worry about labor. Have you taken lamaze or childbirth classes? Have you watched "A Baby Story" on tv? Or, at the very least, do you know how to breath to relax yourself? This is what helped me the most. Because of pregnancy problems, I wasn't able to make it to lamaze but did watch a video and tons of Baby Stories and other maternity/baby tv shows (I know, not the best way to learn, but it helped) and already used breathing techniques to get myself relaxed and get through painful times with endo and IC. Relaxing breathing works wonders.

        We had decided early on to wait until I was in labor to choose what kind of pain relief I needed. Well, turns out I was too late to get anything and but made it anyways. Looking back, even if we had been able to have something, I wouldn't have wanted it. It's different for everyone, but I'm just saying, don't assume that you'll need something, you may not. Research the options now, but leaving the decision until you're in there is fine.

        As for what your bladder feels like during labor and deliver, it really isn't an issue at that point. There's so much else going on and your attention will be focused on what your baby and contractions are doing, the bladder doesn't really matter. wink

        Try not to worry and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! Congratulations and best wishes to your and your new little one!

        Darcy baby
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          Well due to a pregnancy induced heart condition, I had no choice but to have a c-section.
          I just wanted to add that everyone is different. So if you think you need something for the pain to help you through labor, then don't be embarassed to ask for it. Some people, I guess, are just made for labor and delivery and some are not.
          I have a friend who started labor at 4:30 am. At 5:15 her baby was born. As fast as she went the doctor said she would make a good surrogate.
          Rest as much as possible! And keep us updated!
          Tons of support,

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            Although I do not have any children, here's a little advice...

            Like anything else in life and especially anything regarding your health, do what feels right. If you are in pain, get the epidural, in fact about 70% of women do, so do not feel anytime as if you failed. In the end, the goal is a healthy baby and a health mom, and nothing else.


            PS--- Although epiduals do slow down labor somewhat, the chances of that resulting in a c-section are low. So, do not let that scare you.


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              Despite the risks involved, hospitals work to keep epidural rates around 80% such that the anesthesiologists have enough work to pay their salaries. In some areas, the epidural rate tops 90%. I wish that were hyperbole, but it's not. Depending on when in your labor you begin an epidural, you can increase your likelihood of a c-section by as much as 50%.

              The American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology says that the c-section rate should be between 5 and 7% based on the number of cases for which a c-section was necessary and the increased risk to the mother and child. In actuality, it's between 20 and 25%.

              That said, you should do what feels right to you. The biggest problem is that women are not properly informed of the options and risks. If you're interested, I can post some resources, or PM me and we'll chat.


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                Hi Beth! I'm about a month behind you at 33 wks with my 5th pregnancy. This is the only pregnancy I've had problems with my IC in and I've been worried about delivery with it. Our game plan is to try to do the labor and delivery without an epidural so that I hopefully won't have to be catherized (as that really flares it up). I've had epidurals through my last 4 pregnancies and am a little worried about making it through it too, but the doctor reassures me that I should do just fine. (He's not the one delivering though!) Let us know what you decide and how it goes!
                My last pregnancy was wonderful but right after delivery I flared up horribly and didn't have relief for 2 yrs. Nobody's entirely sure why that happened but my dibbs are on the catheter.


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                  Hey and congrats on your baby---he or she is almost here! I have two children and had the epidural with my first but not with the second(he came WAY too fast!)I know the unknown is very scary, but I assure you that you will be fine! Once you're holding that precious baby,you'll be great!This is my experience: With baby number one, I didn't feel any pain at all b/c of the epidural. However, my back hurt me for a good two months after it. With baby two, I did feel pain but once he was out, I was fine-----no back pain to worry about! My advice is to do what feels right to you. Let us know how it goes! Hugs to you and baby!
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                    Wow..very interesting discussion here about epidurals. Some very good advise has been given, but I will say upfront that some woman do not have the option whether to have or not to have an epidural. I had pregnancy induced hypertension and my doctor ordered my epidural to help keep blood pressure down during birth. I ended up with a c-section, but it had nothing to do with the epidural. My son had a big head and I had a small pelvis.
                    Sometimes we need to be prepared for all situations. Saying that an all natural childbirth is the only way to go or an epidural is the only way to go can create a disappointing birth when things don't end up the way you hope they will. We had 4 woman in our childbirth class that were going to have "all natural births" with no medication and no epidurals. They were very well read and in the end three had to have c-sections due to complications and one ended up having an epidural because she needed it after an incredibly long and tiring labor.
                    Bottom line.... I feel it is important to go in knowledgeable, but also open minded. We don't know how our bodies will react to labor until we are there.
           I said when you asked about c-sections and catheters, there is so much going on that the pressure when the baby drops, catheter, and all of the other things that could cause an IC flare and irritation when having a baby seem to (or did with me) fly out the window the minute you see the precious little life that you have created.
                    Enjoy the next few days with your baby inside you. Pamper yourself..get a pedicure, manicure, massage, and let us know when he/she arrives.
                    Angie baby
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                      I completely agree. In the end, if mom and baby are healthy, it's a success.