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Kidneys and Pregnancy

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  • Kidneys and Pregnancy

    I have been waiting my entire IC life to post here. I am so excited to become pregnant and so ready to become a mom. Everything, unfortunately, has been put on hold while we wait to find out why I am creating kidney stones (12 since January). It has been ongoing and as they pass I of course end up in IC flares. Anyway...can anyone tell me if they have used any form of narcotic...Demerol, Percocet, etc... while pregnant. I absolutely do not want to have to use them, but if I do get the go ahead to get pregnant I need the security of knowing that something can help in case of an emergency. I'll keep you posted and will know more on July 11th, but hope to be posting in the I'm Pregnant section in the next couple of months. Hugs to everyone! Angie
    P.S. Thanks Lesa for the diary. I have been a faithful reader and love the updates. I am so excited for you!
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