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thinking of pregnancy.

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  • thinking of pregnancy.

    I was just wondering has anyone else ever thought of planning on pregnancy early due to IC?
    My husband and I were planning on starting a family after we've been married a year together. It's been 11mns. sicne we've been married. A year in Oct!
    We were thinking of starting one around Christmas or New Year's. But now that I have been diagnosed with IC he has mentioned something to me about moving our plans up a few more months.
    We both want a family and would love to have one. I work in childcare around infants and have babysat forever. So lack of experience is not an issue for me. I'm very familiar with babies. And want one so bad.
    Has anyone else thought about an early pregnancy due to IC? If so let me know! Thanks for your thoughts and advice.

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    Sometimes we can't plan these things. I'm 13weeks pregnant, with my first child. I've only been married for 7 months. It wasn't planned at all. With my IC I wasn't sure I wanted any. But I've been off my meds ever since I found out and I've been o.k. Whatever you decide to do, everyone here will see you through. Lots of luck!
    Tons of support,

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      Hi Kate!

      We actually did the opposite and waited until I felt my IC was manageable before trying to conceive. Good Luck!

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        Hi Kate,
        Another idea.....
        My husband and I are trying to get pregnant. We decided to have me go off meds first (with the "blessings" and help of my uro)and see what happened after a couple months. After a couple months the uro gave me a thumbs up so I felt more comfortable with the whole situation. Good luck..Angie
        Do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around..that's what it's all about..whoooo!
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          I just got married 5 months ago, and was recently diagnosed with IC with a hydro. My husband made me start taking elmiron about 2 weeks ago. He said you have to feel better before we have a baby. I am waiting 6 months until the elmiron starts working (hopefully!) so that I will feel better to try and have a baby. I am feeling really annoyed that I have to wait to see if the elmiron works before we even try to conceive. What if the elmiron doesn't work? And why even take it if I have to stop taking it because I am feeling better?
          I am not happy I have to plan all this..


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            I'm sorry to hear that you're not feeling good. I wish you best of luck in trying to conceive and hope that you feel better soon.
            I didn't plan for any of this either. I've been on 4 differnt med's at the same time. Lately I just haven't been feeling good at all.
            We've talked about moving our plans up a little too. But, I think that we are waiting to see how I feel. We'll have been married a year on Oct 7.
            I hope you feel better soon! Sending you healing prayers and warm hugs. *Kate*
            +Phil 4:13 "I can do anything trhough Christ who strengthens me.+