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accidental pregnancy?

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  • accidental pregnancy?

    Right now I am taking Oxycontin for my IC pain and it is managing it great. I am going off of my birth control pills this month for other reasons. What I want to know is if I did get pregnant for some reason (I'm not suppose to be able to easily) would the Oxycontin hurt the baby early in the pregnancy? If I found out I was pregnant I would certainly stop taking it. I'm concerned about the time from conception to figuring it out.


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    I am sorry that nobody answered your post. That happens to me alot here, so now I just come by every once in a while.
    I am sure you have probably already found out this information, but I will tell you what I know. It is important to use other forms of birth control when getting off of the pill. It would not be good to conceive while you are taking Oxycontin. We have alot in common. I am getting off the pill myself. My gyn told me to try to have meds out of my system for 2 months before conceiving. I hope this helps.


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      I'm so sorry to read that you haven't had people responding to your posts. I can't get here very often due to being very busy with a new job, but I often only post things to topics that I feel I can contribute something on. You might try replying to your own message with a short "repost" in the body and see if you get a response.

      You should talk with your doctor about other forms of birth control while you go off the pill. I would think getting pregnant while on any med wouldn't be a good thing to do, but your doctor is probably the best source on this for an answer.

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        I honestly don't have an answer for you. I agree that it's something you need to discuss with your physician. Some medications will directly effect the fetus, others not.

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          I guess I don't know that answer either but you could certainly ask your doc! My pregnancy was a surprise and I was taking some IC and IBS meds that I had to stop immediately. I have a healthy, beautiful daughter now but I did worry a little. I'm glad you're feeling well!

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