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  • Just a little FYI

    Hi all,

    You may all know I lost a baby over the summer. My husband and I are now ready to start trying again (we think). I wanted to at least get my diet figured out since I won't be able to take any meds. I think it's as figured as I'm gonna get it for now. During my preg. my symptoms went away anyway, hoping that will happen again.

    Anywho, here's the FYI. I did a search on prenatals.I truly belive it may be the DYES in the prenatals I take that cause me back pain and frequency. I noticed all these problems started when I went off the pill and started the vitamins. Back pain was one of the problems and frequency.
    I noticed the other day when I took my OTC Pyridium "just in case" cause I went out with the girls, it caused me back pain. It always does but I figured it was part of the flare. I didn't have anything bad that night. Again, I think it's the dyes. Has anyone else noticed this?

    I found PreCare Prenatals don't have any dyes.
    PreCare Preconceive (which I was taking) does, yellow #6 and #10. (found all this on

    I've been feeling so good lately I'm going to call my OB/GYN and ask him to switch it and see how that works. And I won't be taking anymore UTI Relief. Is there a blue dyed pill out there? I remember you gals talking about one. Maybe the blue won't bother me?

    Well, wish me luck baby
    [email protected]

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    Red dyes seem to get me too..

    When I was younger, and preIC, red dyes used to give me hives, so for me at least, I think its a straight up allergy to Red # 40 or somehting like that. (I discovered this in high school when I went through a crystal light more for me!!)

    There is a blue pill-- its called urised or uristat i believe. It is a little different than Pyridium- it acts differently, and I dont know if it can be taken during pregnancy. It is a compination of an antispasmodic for the bladder (atropine), a pH controller, and a urinary "cleanser." Some women take it after sex to ward off infection and help with spasms. It does numb the pain a bit for me, but differently than pyridium. I stopped taking it, I think it caused me a little bit of retention...not sure, it was awhile ago.

    Talk to your PCP or your uro...perhaps you can give it a try!!

    And if Im going out with the girls, the best thing I can do is be well hydrated before I go, prelief (or Tamer), stay away from beer, and chug almond milk when I get home!! This usually helps, but if Im having a bad day to begin with, I stay away from drinks all together.

    Hope this helps,
    Good luck!
    Happy New Year!
    "Well the Secret O'Life is enjoying the passage of time." ~James Taylor